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The healing power of corn

  1. Corn is a delicious vegetable when you grill it in the oven or on a barbecue. Chewing a corn on the cob is a pleasure for the chewing muscles. The fiber is very healthy for the digestion and it is nice to know that popcorn also contains fiber and is therefore a relatively healthy snack. Corn is originally from America but Columbus initially overlooked the fact that corn was eaten there.


  1. Corn, food of the Maya and Olmec Vitamins in corn Minerals in corn Starchy = healthy Corn for high blood pressure Phytonutrients in corn Corn is good for the eyes Corn, good for digestion and blood sugar Fructose from corn Corn eating tips

Corn, food of the Maya and Olmec

  1. Corn is a vegetable

Vitamins in corn

  1. Corn contains a lot of vitamin B1 or thiamine. 100 grams of corn contains 13% of the Recommended Daily Allowance (RDA) for B1. Only pantothenic acid (B5) contains slightly more in 14% of the RDI. Niacin (B3), foilic acid (B11) and ascorbic acid (Vitamin C) are all represented in the corn with 11% of the RDA. Furthermore, corn contains 7% of the RDA for pirydoxin (B6) and 6% of the RDA for vitamin A. Of riboflavin (B2), corn contains 4% of the RDA. There are even more vitamins

Minerals in corn

  1. Minerals are evenly represented in corn. Most of the magnesium is in corn. One ounce of corn provides 9% of the RDI of magnesium. The healthy mineral manganese is also found in corn; namely 7% of the RDA in 100 grams. For copper and iron, there is 6% of the RDI in a corn cob of both. Corn contains 4% of the RDI of zinc

Starchy = healthy

  1. Corn is healthy because it is a naturally starchy product. Other vegetables with a lot of starch are potatoes and peas. Natural starch products contain a lot of fiber. When consumed regularly, these fibers prevent diabetes, cardiovascular disease and some types of cancer. Food experts say that a starchy product makes you feel full more quickly than other types of food, which means that you are less likely to overeat. In this way, eating corn prevents obesity. Fiber-rich products stimulate digestion and prevent many problems such as constipation and indigestion

Corn for high blood pressure

  1. Corn may not even contain a lot of vitamins and minerals, but it is nevertheless very healthy due to the large number of fibers and phytonutrients

Phytonutrients in corn

  1. Anthocyanins, Beta carotene, Hydroxycinnamic acid, Ferulic acid, Caffeic acid, Lutein, Syringic acid, Protocatech acid, Vanillic acid and Zeaxanthin.

Corn, good for digestion and blood sugar

  1. Fiber aids digestion. Fiber reduces the risk of colon cancer. Fiber also ensures that the blood sugar level does not fluctuate excessively, because the food is digested more evenly. The latter is good news for diabetes patients

Fructose from corn

  1. There is a lot of corn grown in the world, but only 1% of the corn grown is sweet corn that is suitable for human consumption. Other maize is used as animal feed. It is much more common that corn is planted for the fructose industry. Fructose is an extremely sweet substance obtained from a specially bred corn variety. This sweetener is isolated and then added to cakes, cookies, candies, soft drinks, sandwich spreads, prepackaged meals and sometimes even meat products. Fructose is not healthy at all; it is a synthesized product. Fructose from corn is the cheapest industrial sweetener and is therefore added to almost all products. Fructose is harder for the body to digest than sugar

Eating tips corn

  1. Corn makes a meal more nutritious. Some people even add corn to a pasta or rice meal. Corn fits into a vegetable mix. Canned corn is not recommended because all canned food contains less nutrients than the fresh variety. Corn kernels are great for a salad and the cheerful yellow color also gives the eye something nice to look at. Don't forget that there is also baby corn which is completely suitable as a salad vegetable. If you like to bake, it is a good idea to partially or completely cover cookies and cakes with corn flour. Pancakes made from 50% corn flour have a very different taste. Make your own popcorn with a little olive oil and make sure you consume less bad fats than prepackaged popcorn. It is always best to grill the corn on a barbecue and then chew it up. Corn on the cob are some of the best grilled vegetables.

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