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The healing power of cranberry powder

  1. Cranberry powder is an agent that can be used creatively in the kitchen and it has medicinal properties. In scientific studies, the cranberry or cranberry is praised as an antioxidant-rich fruit. It is good for the body as a whole, but you can also use it specifically for some diseases as a medicine or supplement. According to initial studies, it is good for the pancreas, so it may become a supplement for people with diabetes in the future.


  1. Naming cranberry Why dry fruit? Cranberry powder for obesity? Cranberries good for diabetes? Cranberry powder good for pancreas Good for digestion Good for the heart, but? Cranberry and urinary tract Eating and drinking tips cranberry powder

Naming cranberry

  1. Why we use Latin names in science is clear to most people. This way there will be no misunderstandings about which plant it is. Cranberry is called Vaccinium macrocarpon in Latin. The name cranberry comes from English. Originally, the cranberry bush grew only in the U.S. and Canada. At one point a ship with cranberries was wrecked off the coast of Terschelling. Since then, the cranberry bush has grown on Terschelling and we use the English name in Dutch. The official Dutch name of cranberry is cranberry.

Why dry fruit?

  1. You would say we can just eat fresh, frozen and potted cranberries. It is not really necessary to eat cranberry powder. But now it is the case that drying cranberries leads to a relatively high vitamin and mineral content. This content is lost more quickly with the aforementioned operations, potting and freezing. Drying is the method of storage that provides the highest nutritional value. In addition, a powder is easy to use. It is a different way of using fruit, but not bad for that. It offers all kinds of benefits.

Cranberry powder for obesity?

  1. A Japanese study from 2014 shows that rats with a high cholesterol level benefit from cranberry powder. The antioxidant content is responsible for this, the researchers suspect. Korean researchers had already seen in 2013 that cranberry powder can be a good supplement for obese people whose cause is mainly related to oxidative stress. Some parameters that determine the oxidative stress level of an organism were measured. Oxidative stress is the appearance of inflammation at the cellular level or low-grade inflammation that can lead to a variety of diseases such as cancer and obesity. The inflammation at the cellular level can be counteracted by the high antioxidant content of cranberry powder. The people in the study continued to eat their normal diet. The conclusions have yet to be confirmed by further research before taking them as final knowledge.

Cranberries good for diabetes?

  1. A US scientific research team from 2010 writes that P-coumaric acid and quercetin derivatives lower blood pressure. In addition, they were able to measure that the antioxidants have an effect on blood sugar levels. Cranberry levels the blood sugar. The researchers hope for further studies that can confirm that cranberry powder is an effective supplement for diabetics. Diabetes mellitus or diabetes is a disease that affects about a million Dutch people.

Cranberry powder good for pancreas

  1. There is another reason that cranberry may be good for diabetics. Researchers have come to the preliminary conclusion that taking 12 grams of cranberry powder per day has a positive effect on the release of insulin from the pancreas. The pancreas has been found to produce more insulin when cranberry powder is eaten. However, the research was done on rats and therefore you cannot draw definitive conclusions from it for humans. This requires additional research.

Good for digestion

  1. If there is a lot of glucose-fructose syrup in a diet, for example in the West, the body produces more body fat. All organs, such as the kidneys, weigh more because of the increased fat content. Cranberry powder supplementation can reduce this fat build-up. American scientists who published their research in 2010 saw this. Procyanidins and other phytonutrients are responsible for this positive effect on the digestive organs. In addition, there was less insulin resistance. This means that the body absorbs sugar better because the insulin is absorbed better. This research shows that cranberry powder is good for digestion in general and that of diabetics in particular.

Good for the heart, but?

  1. Korean research published in 2011 shows that cranberries are good for the heart. However, the researchers cannot recommend eating cranberries for this reason as a factor has been found in cranberries that appears to increase tumors. The evidence for this is thin and more research needs to be done, but there is no wish to take any risks. In principle, there are all kinds of flavonoids in cranberry that should help to fight cancer. Korean researchers saw in 2008 that cranberries improve the blood lipid profile and counteract the risk of oxidation of lipids and proteins, thus reducing the risk of arteriosclerosis. This also reduces the risk of all kinds of cardiovascular diseases and strokes.

Cranberry and urinary tract

  1. Cranberry has been used for centuries for urinary tract infections. An international research team from 2010 found that cranberry does indeed have an anti-bacterial effect on the urinary tract. Among other things, the Escheria coli or E. coli bacteria is combated by cranberries. The researchers did not use pure cranberry powder, but a powder of only the proanthocyanidins in cranberry. The research was conducted on humans. In 2007, American scientists had previously seen a beneficial role for cranberries in the treatment of diseases such as bladder infections. In 2013 Canadian researchers saw that substances in cranberry seriously impede the motility of the bacteria Proteus mirabilis HI4320. In 2004, Israeli researchers gathered so much scientific evidence for the effectiveness of cranberries and cranberry juice in urinary tract infections that they recommend it as a safe and effective alternative to antibiotics.

Eating and drinking tips cranberry powder

  1. You can add cranberry powder to an oatmeal, muesli or other cereal breakfast. Cranberry powder can be added to the batter for fruit pancakes. You can add the cranberry powder to smoothies. Cranberry powder can be used as an addition to a fruit soup. If you are making dough to bake bread, cake, pastry, pie, muffins, brownies or cookies, try adding a scoop of cranberry powder to the dough. It gives the dough extra nutritional value and a fruit flavor, ideal for sweet baked goods. Cranberry powder can be used to mix with other fruit powders such as strawberry powder, acai powder, blueberry powder, apple powder, banana powder, pear powder, black currant powder and mango powder.

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