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The healing power of durum flour or semolina

  1. Durum flour is native to North Africa. It's a super healthy flour. You can use it in all kinds of ways in the kitchen, but there are also medicinal uses. Durum inhibits inflammation because it contains antioxidants. Taking Semolina can help prevent diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The fiber in durum is good for digestion. In addition, it is a fact that eating a lot of fiber leads to lower blood pressure.


  1. You already eat too much white durum What can you do with durum? Naming Durum contains antioxidants Durum inhibits inflammation GI value and durum flour Durum flour can become gluten-free Fiber There is healthier flour

You eat too much white durum

  1. You may never want to get durum, for whatever reason. Still, chances are you eat it at least three times a week. Most pasta is made from semolina or durum flour. Durum flour has long been discovered by the industry. It's just a shame that durum flour is refined in pasta. It contains almost no nutrients, while the full durum grain has a lot of nutritional value. Therefore, durum in the rest of this article means full, whole durum.

What can you do with durum?

  1. Semolina is a flour with a light yellow color. All kinds of pasta can be made from durum, such as tagliatelle. It is also used for producing the couscous buns. The use of durum flour can be used in bread and all kinds of other baked goods. Bread can be baked from durum flour alone. It is used in North Africa to make the typical round flat breads. It is also a good cake flour.


  1. Why do we use Latin words in science? Because then we know for sure which plant it is. The Latin name of durum is triticum durum or Triticum turgidum. Durum flour is called semolina. Of course we also say durum flour in Dutch. In English it is also called durum flour or semolina. Sometimes people also say 'durum flour semolina'.

Durum contains antioxidants

  1. Many people know that antioxidants are present in fruit and vegetables. They are also found in nuts and grains. Japanese research shows that there is an antioxidant effect in the cereal durum. Linolenic acid was found to oxidize less quickly when used in combination with durum flour. The researchers did not see this effect with wheat flour. Durum can inhibit inflammation at the cellular level due to the presence of antioxidants. As a result, disease development from lifestyle diseases, especially cardiovascular disease, can be slowed down. American researchers found in 2006 that diabetes showed a negative developmental picture when durum was eaten, but that the chance of dying from cardiovascular disease was smaller. But, the study concludes, this one study alone should not be overly firm conclusions.

Durum inhibits inflammation

  1. According to Italian research, the durum Duilio and Svevo varieties contain the most polyphenols. They have the most anti-inflammatory effect. That's because of the phenolic acids and isoprenoids, the scientists said. The researchers saw in their technical and detailed research that durum flour reduces the occurrence of a substance that causes inflammation at the cellular level or low-grade in the body.

GI value and durum flour

  1. Swedish research with rice flour and durum flour showed that the use of durum flour or rice flour had a major influence on the GI value. This means that if a flour is prepared in a different way, sometimes much more insulin is needed. Durum flour pasta has a GI value of about 44 while regular durum flour has a GI value of 60. The lower the GI value, the better it is. 44 is a relatively low GI value.

Durum flour can become gluten-free

  1. According to researchers, durum flour together with buckwheat flour can form a good alternative to pasta flour. This pasta flour offers less gluten hazard. The researchers used a lactic acid bacterium to digest the gluten in this product. The survey was conducted in 2015 in Italy. Gluten-free pasta is already on the market in 2015.


  1. Durum contains a lot of fiber. They are healthy for the digestion. But the fibers are indigestible, Italian researchers saw. They tried to do something about that. They added an enzyme that helps digest fiber. And sure enough; the fibers were digested. The activity of bifidobacteria and lactic acid bacteria in particular increases by eating durum, according to Italian research from 2009. Ferulic acid is produced by the higher bacterial activity. This acid then ensures that the fibers themselves can be digested.

There is healthier flour

  1. Fair is fair: durum flour is a relatively healthy food, but there are healthier flours. Italian researchers investigated Kamut khorasan in 2012 and it was found to be more effective in combating oxidative stress than durum bread, the researchers said. Breads with kamut khorasan are scarce in the Netherlands and Belgium, but they are returning to the shelves. In 2015 there is a trend to make food products from 'old', not grown grains.

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