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The healing power of EDTA

  1. EDTA binds to other substances, especially substances that are pathogenic to the body. This binding is also called 'chelating'. Chelation therapy uses EDTA. EDTA is the abbreviation for Calcium Disodium Ethylene Diamine Tetra Acetate. Chelate means 'claw' in Greek. The EDTA extends its claw to a heavy metal and catches it to drain it from the body. EDTA is introduced into the blood by injection. EDTA can be taken orally on the market, but this variant is not recommended for supplementation, only for use in poisoning.


  1. From antidote to widely applicable medicine? Lead and EDTA Radioactive materials Alternative treatment Alternative doctor EDTA is an E number Effect of EDTA not proven in cardiovascular disease

From antidote to widely applicable medicine?

  1. The drug EDTA is itself a toxin. In the past it was only used for poisoning with lead, for example. Today's humans ingest a lot of poisons such as from environmental pollution, factory emissions, exhaust fumes, weed killers, residues of medicines in drinking water and fillings in the teeth. These substances lead to inflammation at the cellular level and lifestyle diseases. That has led some doctors to use EDTA more widely. This commitment has been fully researched and it appears that EDTA only works marginally for cardiovascular disease. It has not yet been shown to have an effect on brain degenerative diseases, but this may be because it is not easy to study how substances behave in the brain.

Lead and EDTA

  1. People consume less and less lead. For example, lead was removed from the pencil because people chewed on it too much, which resulted in a surplus of lead. There are still lead water pipes in the Netherlands that add lead particles to drinking water, which can lead to an accumulation (build-up) of lead in the body. EDTA is a substance that binds to lead. Lead is a poisonous metal and can be transported out of the body due to its binding to EDTA. EDTA is injected into the veins in case of lead poisoning and other illnesses. Lead poisoning can lead to brain damage. Sometimes EDTA is simply injected into the muscle tissues to treat lead poisoning or associated brain damage.

Radioactive materials

  1. Radioactive materials such as plutonium, thorium, uranium and strontium can bind to EDTA so that they can be removed from the body. When removing these materials, an EDTA is also administered intravenously (through the veins). Especially people who have been in the vicinity of a nuclear disaster or accident can be helped in this way.

Alternative treatment

  1. Other intravenous uses include cancer treatment, rheumatoid arthritis, osteoarthritis, an eye condition called macular degeneration, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, and skin conditions including scleroderma and psoriasis. These treatments with EDTA are controversial; according to regular doctors it is an illusion that people are being helped with it. Nevertheless, EDTA treatment can be combined with treatment by regular hospitals.

Alternative physician

  1. EDTA should not be taken if the patient is also taking warfarin or a water pill. Furthermore, EDTA can lower blood sugar. People with diabetes mellitus should take extra care with EDTA. There is a long list of interactions and side effects for EDTA. In addition, use is only permitted to a limited extent. Using 3 grams of EDTA for longer than 7 days can lead to kidney damage. Anyone who wants to take this medicine should only do so on prescription from the (alternative) doctor.

EDTA is an E-number

  1. E number 385 is EDTA. The European government has compiled the E-number list, which has given this list the appearance of a security guarantee. Nothing is less true. EDTA can be a safe medicine in case of poisoning, but as a nutritional additive it carries dangers. First, it also binds the organic, very healthy and essential form of iron for the body. EDTA is mainly found in canned food such as vegetables, fish and shellfish. It is also contained in vinaigrette and mayonnaise. There are people who eat these products a lot. Scientific research shows that EDTA brings about changes in DNA. For this reason, EDTA is banned as an ingredient in Australia. Australia is a western country that doesn't normally prohibit many additions, so that says a lot.

Effect of EDTA not proven in cardiovascular diseases

  1. American research from 2013 shows that chelation therapy with EDTA has a positive effect on people who have had a heart attack. The study showed that heart patients have a lower risk of a second heart attack, but it must be said that the difference is not great. In fact, there has been a lot of research on EDTA in relation to cardiovascular disease, but none of the studies show that there is a significant difference between the people who took EDTA and those who received a placebo. In addition, people not only receive EDTA but also vitamins such as vitamin C. It is then difficult to investigate, which causes the minor differences.

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