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The healing power of fennel seed

  1. Fennel seed is found in some breads and cheeses. Fennel seed essential oil is found in many pharmaceutical and cosmetic products. Fennel seed is a delicacy with medicinal qualities. In various countries, a fennel seed tea is drunk against colic and menstrual pain. In addition, fennel seed refreshes the mouth; it is a good remedy to use after a meal. You get it served in good Indian restaurants.


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Fennel seed and cancer

  1. Fennel seed has been in bad light in recent years because scientific research had shown that estragoles in fennel seed can cause cancer. The researchers had isolated estragoles from fennel seeds and examined them for properties that indeed turned out to be carcinogenic. But when these estragoles are in fennel seed itself, the fennel seed contains substances that cancel the carcinogenic effect of estragole. In fact, taken whole, fennel seeds are cancer-fighting.

Traditional healing method fennel seed

  1. Besides fennel seed, the healing power of fennel as a vegetable is appreciated in many countries. In folk medicine in Europe and North Africa, fennel seed is a commonly used remedy for cramps. A double-blind scientific study from St. Petersburg, Russia in 2003 showed that fennel seed does indeed work against colic. It is also an anti-inflammatory, pain reliever, breast milk production promoter, eye lotion and antioxidant. This seed can also promote the secretion of hormones by glands. In Asia, fennel seed has often been used to speed up the removal of poisons from the body. Saxon cultures considered fennel seed one of the nine sacred herbs with medicinal properties. In the Middle Ages, on June 21, the longest day in Europe, fennel seeds were laid on the doorsteps of houses in order to ward off evil spirits.

Fennel ingredients

  1. As with all plants, the way of farming and the ecological situation of the agricultural land has a major influence on the composition of substances in plants. Italian researchers also saw that there is a difference between cultivated fennel and wild fennel. It is often the case that cultivated fennel seed contains more essential oil than fennel seed from a wild plant. Yet every fennel plant contains approximately the same substances, albeit in different compositions. Fennel seed contains 2% essential oil, mainly anethole, a substance with an anti-cancer effect. Other substances in fennel seed are: alkaloids, polyphenols, sterols, terpenoids, gallic acid, estragol, alpha landrene, fenchone, R-pinene, limonene, betabinene, betamyrcene, p-cymene, flavonoids such as coumarins. Commercial tea with fennel seed in it almost always contains fennel seed powder or crushed fennel seed; this tea has a lot less medicinal capacity as many medicinal substances evaporate when the seed is powdered or broken. It is better to make a tea from fresh seed that you crush with a mortar just before use.

Against colic in babies

  1. A fennel seed tea is the standard way to reduce colic in babies. When the mother drinks this tea, the medicinal substances against colic naturally pass into the breast milk. Slightly older babies can be given a fennel seed tea, possibly mixed with milk, oat milk, rice milk or almond milk. Fennel seeds are also good for flatulence. When people suffer from a lot of flatulence, it is wise to put crushed fennel seeds in the food to drink fennel seed tea.

Free radical fighter

  1. An Egyptian study from 2011 concluded that there are many antioxidants in fennel seeds which are a natural and safe remedy for cancer. The researchers saw that all free radicals encountered by substances from fennel seeds were eliminated. Free radicals can cause cancer but are also at the basis of a number of other lifestyle diseases. Furthermore, fennel seed was especially impressively effective in breast cancer and liver cancer.

Fennel seed against cancer

  1. Fennel seed contains substances that penetrate and shrink cancerous tumors. That has been established by scientists. Now it is true that when estragole from fennel seed is examined separately, so if they are isolated from fennel seed, they do not show the anti-cancer effect, but there is even a cancer-promoting effect. However, if estragole is found in the whole fennel seed, where it naturally occurs, it can fight cancer. This is partly because the flavonoids nevadensine and epigallocatechin counteract the adverse effects of estrgol. It has been proven to work against breast cancer, Ehrlich carcinoma and liver cancer, among other things, according to an Italian meta-study published in 2012.

Fennel seed against menstrual pain

  1. Iranian research published in 2012 shows that fennel seeds are very helpful in fighting menstrual pain. In the study, 50 virgins with menstrual pain were treated by taking a dose of fennel seeds four times a day. The control group received a placebo. It turned out that the women who took fennel seeds showed much less menstrual pain. The cramp-relieving effect plays an important role in this. Only 20% of the women did not respond to fennel seeds; they kept the menstrual pain.

Five fun facts about fennel seed

  1. Eating fennel seeds after a meal gives you a fresh mouth. In Indian restaurants you can often get fennel seeds after meals.

Use a mortar or pepper mill

  1. Fennel seed contains all kinds of healthy substances within the seed itself. If you want to use this, it is best to buy unbroken fennel seeds and make them with a mortar just before use as a tea. In this way the medicinal substances end up in the tea water. Fennel seed that has already been broken in the factory and processed into tea has the disadvantage that many essential oils evaporate. Another good idea is to buy a pepper grinder and put only fennel seeds in it. You can grind this fennel seed over a cup or teapot and then pour it with hot water. You can also mix fennel seeds with other tasty seeds to make a tea such as fenugreek, aniseed and poppy seeds.

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