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The healing power of garlic powder

  1. Garlic powder has been on the shelves for some time now as a seasoning for food. It is good to know that this powder has medicinal qualities in addition to culinary. Garlic powder can, among other things, prevent arteriosclerosis. Arteriosclerosis is the root cause of heart problems. Garlic powder can be added to dough of homemade bread. It stimulates liver enzymes and in this way it is good against diabetes. In addition, garlic lowers blood sugar. This medicinal kitchen product has many more uses.


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Why eat garlic powder?

  1. Garlic as a medicinal delicacy is known to many people. You can buy fresh cloves of garlic daily. You don't really need garlic powder to get your nutrients. Still, garlic powder can be very useful in the kitchen. Maybe you just don't have time to cut a garlic clove. Or you just want to make extra use of the healing power of garlic. Garlic powder is able to prevent heart problems. That's a good reason to eat it.

Garlic stimulates liver enzymes

  1. Garlic contains diallyl disulfide and allicin. These substances have been extensively researched and have anti-cancer properties. The anti-cancer effect has been proven but it is still not known why garlic fights cancer. French research shows that these substances from garlic activate different liver enzymes. These enzymes have crazy names like CYP 2E1. The conversion of glucuronosyl and glutathione, triggered by enzymes, also increases after eating garlic or garlic powder. The French suspect that the anti-cancer effect of garlic must be found in the enzyme-enhancing effect.

Garlic powder against diabetes

  1. A meta-study is a study of other scientific studies that charts the state of science at a given moment. Indian meta-research from 2002 confirms not only the therapeutic effect of garlic powder on heart disease, but also in diabetes or diabetes mellitus, the scientists believe that the medicinal effects have been proven. Garlic regulates blood sugar. In addition, cardiovascular diseases are an additional risk for the diabetic. For that reason alone, it is good to make this powder a daily use.

Other scientific facts

  1. In 2010, South Korean researchers saw that chicken meat is of better quality when the chickens ate garlic powder.

Garlic lowers cholesterol

  1. Garlic has a positive effect on the blood plasma. American researchers saw this in 2000. It ensures that cholesterol levels are lowered. In natural medicine it has been known for hundreds of years that garlic cleans the veins again. The oxidation inflammations that make up the plaque can be resolved by garlic and garlic powder. This research is proof of the truth of ancient knowledge. Research from Kuwait from 2000 also shows that garlic can lower blood pressure and that it is a good remedy for arteriosclerosis. Arteriosclerosis is an underlying cause of all kinds of heart problems. The researchers from Kuwait conducted a study on rats for six weeks and saw that garlic powder supplementation lowered cholesterol and stabilized blood pressure. Garlic contains allicin. According to scientists from Kuwait, that is the active substance in this. A German study in 1990 already showed that garlic tablets lower cholesterol levels. Triglyceride levels are reduced by about 17% and cholesterol by 12% by these pills. The TNO in Leiden also studied the effects of garlic powder in 2004 and saw the medicinal effects against atherosclerosis and too much cholesterol.

Garlic powder against harmful effect acrylamide

  1. Acrylamide is a carcinogenic substance in food. This substance is created when food products are baked. Normally, the substance is harmless because polyphenols in food destroy the bad properties of acrylamide. However, fried products can contain an excess of acrylamide. Researchers from China published a study in 2015 showing that adding garlic powder to bread leads to 56% less acrylamide formation. 15 grams of garlic powder were used on 500 grams of dough.

Garlic is good for the kidneys

  1. Garlic is good for the kidneys. It frees the kidneys from oxidative stress. Mexican researchers concluded this in 2008. The kidneys were damaged with a certain substance and it was seen that this damage is repaired more quickly if the animals were fed garlic powder. Garlic powder can overcome many of the changes the kidneys undergo from poisoning. This means that the kidneys work better if people often eat garlic powder. Better functioning kidneys means that waste products are eliminated from the body more quickly. It's good for a detox treatment.

Tips for eating garlic powder

  1. Garlic powder can be added to a soup. You can always put garlic powder on the table next to the pepper and salt. Garlic powder is delicious or a sandwich with peanut butter, humus or tahini. You can sprinkle garlic powder on top of a salad. You can add this powder to a salad oil or dressing. Garlic powder is delicious on a pizza or pasta dish. You can put this powder on a fried egg or omelet. Garlic powder fits in a stir-fry mix, wok mix, or vegetable baking mix. The garlic powder is delicious because of the cream butter to make garlic butter. Garlic powder fits in many sauces. It is excellent to use in a yoghurt-garlic sauce for vegetables or possibly chips.

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