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The healing power of ginger

  1. Ginger is a root vegetable with a light yellow color. It tastes slightly tart and spicy. Ginger root is an excellent ingredient to enrich exotic vegetable dishes. Above the ground, a two-meter-high ginger plant emerges, which is mainly characterized by its beautiful red flower. The ginger flower does not look out of place in a bouquet.


  1. Against rheumatism Ginger tea Ginger for motion sickness Ginger against vomiting Ginger against colon cancer Ovarian cancer Ginger as an Immune Booster Ginger Syrup

Against rheumatism

  1. There are gingerols in the ginger root that have an anti-inflammatory effect. People with rheumatism benefit from this because the painful symptoms of rheumatism disappear after regular ginger consumption. Just a thin slice of ginger with food reduces the rheumatic pain. If you eat more ginger, the medicinal effect is stronger. The phenol 6-gingerol is responsible for its therapeutic properties against rheumatism.

Ginger tea

  1. Fresh ginger is the healthiest, but fresh and raw ginger is a bit too spicy. Ginger is a true medicinal herb. To use it for that purpose, it is best to brew a ginger tea. You can make your own ginger tea by cutting or grating a reasonable amount of ginger very small and then placing it in a teapot. Then you just brew black tea with a tea bag. Another way is to put the ginger in your tea glass and stir after a minute. All ginger then sinks to the bottom. Ginger tea can be very spicy; then you just have to add more water. The leftover ginger is no longer as sharp and you could use it for a salad.

Ginger against motion sickness

  1. Scientific research has shown that ginger is very effective against motion sickness. The ginger root is particularly effective against seasickness. Avoid dizziness, nausea, vomiting and cold sweats by taking ginger before traveling. In the Netherlands, dramamine is sold at pharmacies against motion sickness, but double-blind research shows that ginger works better than this medicine.

Ginger against vomiting

  1. Women who are pregnant are more likely to vomit. Eating ginger helps very well against this. Eating medication for vomiting is strongly discouraged because almost all medication in pregnant women is harmful to the future baby. Therefore, eating ginger is an adequate solution.

Ginger against colon cancer

  1. Colon cancer can be prevented by eating ginger three times a week, according to scientific research. Professor Ann Bode of the University of Minnesota has done a study in which mice were infected so that they developed cancer. The mice given 6-gingerol did not develop cancer at all. According to the professor, this is an indication that ginger has a preventive effect against colon cancer and that it may even be a good medicine against colon cancer.

Ovarian cancer

  1. In addition to colon cancer, ginger also works well against ovarian cancer. Dr Rebecca Lui has researched this. Gingerols, the active phytonutrients are responsible for the anti-cancer effect. Cancer cells died after the cells were given an extract of ginger. According to Dr. Liu, the cancer cells become resistant to chemotherapy, which is the most commonly used against cancer so far.

Ginger as an Immune Booster

  1. Ginger makes the body sweat faster. Sweating is healthy. German researchers saw that a substance is secreted through the skin that combats fungi and bacteria. They have called this substance dermicidin. This substance is produced naturally by the sweat glands. Among other things, it works preventively against the E. coli bacteria and Staphylococcus aureus, which can cause many skin infections.

Ginger syrup

  1. Ginger is available in syrup form. You can sweeten food with this. It is also nice to mix ginger syrup in a glass with water and then drink it as a lemonade. Ginger balls in syrup are also available for purchase. These taste a bit spicy, yet sweet. It is a good combination for the taste buds. When ginger is eaten for medicinal purposes, one should keep in mind that only fresh ginger has been tested. Drinking ginger syrup is therefore a supplement, but there is a lot of sugar in it, which is less good. Drinking fresh ginger tea and incorporating ginger into rice, potato and whole grain pasta dishes is the best way to consume ginger when it comes to healing power.

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