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The healing power of grape powder

  1. We all eat grapes from time to time. They are tasty and fresh. In addition to grapes, you can now enjoy grape powder. Grape powder has been extensively researched by scientists and has been found to have a variety of medicinal effects. You can boost your overall health with grape powder, but you can also use it specifically against certain diseases. In addition, grape powder is an extra means in the kitchen to provide products with flavor. Grape powder is a 100% natural remedy.


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Grape naming

  1. Why we use Latin names in science is clear to most people. This way there will be no misunderstandings about which plant is meant. A grape bush is called vitis vinifera in Latin.

Why dried grape powder

  1. Nowadays you can buy fresh grapes almost all year round. So why should you buy dried grape powder? First, it is true that grape powder can be used as a supplement and it has extra vitamins and minerals. You have to eat a lot of grapes to get the same nutritional value as a teaspoon of grape powder. This powder provides more creative options in the kitchen and a comfortable ease of use for people who want to eat extra healthy quickly.

Grape powder good production of small blood vessels

  1. Dried grape powder contains resveratrol. This substance appears to accelerate the production of new blood vessels and capillaries, Iranian and American researchers conclude in 2014. Resveratrol promotes the activity of enzymes that ensure the construction of new capillaries. Creating new blood vessels is called choroidal neovascularization. Lack of capillaries is the underlying cause of diseases such as macular degeneration or cataracts. Its medicinal properties, in conjunction with the non-toxic properties of grape powder, make this powder an ideal supplement for a patient undergoing treatment for choroidal neovascularization.

Skin cancer and grape powder

  1. In 2011 an American study was published into the influence of grape powder on skin cancer. In the study, grape powder was both applied to the site of a skin tumor and taken orally. It turns out that grape powder works best when applied and taken orally at the same time. Taking and applying grape powder at the same time appears to have a synergistic effect; the treatment methods support each other in effect. Freeze-dried grape powder was used in the study. A powder is created by freezing a grape in a special way and allowing it to thaw afterwards.

Grape powder against atherosclerosis

  1. Antioxidants in grape powder help prevent damage from free radicals. As a result, less inflammation takes place in the blood vessels, which leads to less arteriosclerosis. Researchers from 2005 investigated the influence of polyphenol-enriched water on mice in 2005. It turned out that the mice that drank a lot of water with polyphenols had fewer diseased blood vessels, which reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease and stroke. Normally, macrophages, cells that belong to the human immune system, go to work on inflammation, but grape powder supplementation required less macrophage activity.

Grape powder against acrylamide damage

  1. Acrylamide, a carcinogen in food, is the substance that is formed in trans fat during baking. This substance can cause all kinds of diseases, but the best known is cancer formation by acrylamide. According to Chinese researchers, the polyphenols in various berries, including grapes, appear to work very well against the harmful effects of acrylamide. Rats that eat a lot of berries have more sperm, a higher sperm activity and a greater sperm motility, the Chinese researchers saw. Fertility is a parameter used to determine the overall health of a creature. In other words, grape powder can cope well with acrylamide damage.

Grape powder and obesity-related diseases

  1. American research published in 2014 shows that when obese people eat grape powder, the risk of all kinds of complications that doctors often see in obesity sufferers are much less. Although not everyone sees it that way, obesity is a disease, or if you like, a symptom of a process of cellular inflammation or low-grade inflammation. Obesity increases the risk of diabetes mellitus and cardiovascular disease. The American researchers gave people a pill containing grape powder for three weeks and saw that these people had a better blood profile; there was less inflammation than in people who were not given grape powder. Monocytes are part of our immune system. The sensitivity of monocytes to fight inflammation at the cellular level is increased by eating grape powder, the researchers saw. That's a big reason why grape powder works against obesity-related diseases.

Grape powder good for the kidneys

  1. Grape powder is good for the kidneys, according to Brazilian research from 2014. Many diabetics have problems with their kidneys, but this study looked at patients with diseased kidneys who do not have diabetes. According to the researchers, the polyphenol content is one of the reasons for the health benefits that grape powder offers for people with kidney problems. Brazilian researchers gave grape powder as a supplement to people on regular kidney dialysis.

Grape powder is good for the brain

  1. Grape powder has been shown to counteract anxiety caused by oxidative damage, memory loss and high blood pressure in rats. American researchers examined four groups of rats in 2013. It turns out that when rats are fed grape powder, all kinds of processes in the brain function better. Neurons start to communicate better with each other. This research shows that a psychological problem is sometimes a shortage of nutrients. Research from 2014 also shows that grape powder is good for the cognitive skills or the thinking functions of the head.

Eating and drinking tips grape powder

  1. Grape powder is not an everyday remedy in the kitchen. That is why it is good to take some food and drink tips to make your own creations with grape powder.

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