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The healing power of hemp flour or hemp powder

  1. Hemp flour is a protein rich substance that is regularly used by people who visit the gym. Protein-rich foods increase muscles. Now it is good to know that the body gets more protein from the flour than from the whole seeds. Non-athletes can also use hemp flour. This food can make many meals more enjoyable. Moreover, it is easy to use.


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Multi-functionality cannabis plant

  1. With hemp you can go in any direction. Hemp has healing power. CBD oil is rumored to be an anti-cancer agent, just like THC oil. Plain hemp seed oil is also very healthy. The leaves can be eaten as a medicinal vegetable. Hemp seed is sold as a superfood. In 2015 you can add hemp flour to this list, a protein-rich flour that is ready to be chopped.

Non-food uses of hemp

  1. Hemp oil has many other special qualities besides culinary. You could use hemp oil to drive cars. Hemp fibers can be used to make flexible fabrics and structures stronger than steel. A 2012 Romanian study stated that the cannabis plant can be used to restore soil contaminated with iron, zinc or cadmium. The cannabis plant is perhaps the most multifunctional plant on the planet.

Medicinal qualities of hemp seed powder

  1. The healing power of hemp seed has already been described several times, but it doesn't hurt to be aware that you can use this seed as a powder. This offers more kitchen comfort and faster preparation times. Hemp powder has already become an old supplement in 2015, but it has only been thoroughly researched since the 21st century. Here is a listing of all of the publicly published medicinal qualities of hemp seed powder.

Ingredients hemp powder

  1. Hemp seed powder contains many essential fatty acids, vitamin E and the minerals phosphorus, potassium, sodium, magnesium, sulfur, calcium, iron and zinc. There are 18 important amino acids in hemp seed and arginine is most of it. As far as fatty acids are concerned, the researchers see that hemp seed contains the fatty acids omega 3 and omega 6 in the correct proportions. In practice, many people consume too much omega 6 compared to omega 3.

Hemp flour good source of proteins

  1. Hemp seed has just as much or more protein as nuts and grains, as Canadian researchers write in 2010. They used both hemp seed and hemp meal or hemp seed powder in the study. The researchers were able to measure slightly more protein from the hemp flour by the body. The digestibility of protein is easier when it is ground into flour than when the seed is eaten whole.

Soybean powder and hemp powder

  1. Soybean powder and hemp powder are both high in protein, another name for proteins or amino acids. Chinese researchers investigated the availability of protein from soybean meal compared to hemp seed meal. It turned out that soybeans yielded more protein, but the researchers still found the protein values ​​of hemp seed so high that they recommend it as a supplemental food for children. Another study reports that when hydrolysis is applied to hemp powder, the availability of proteins from hemp seed meal is actually higher than from soy flour.

Hemp powder in the pancake

  1. Add some hemp flour to pancake batter. You can make pancakes for a hearty meal. With spinach in the batter you make a pancake green and with beetroot red or pink. This way you make vegetables fun for children and they eat it faster. Researchers report that the World Health Organization considers hemp powder to be suitable flour for children aged two to five years.

Hemp powder against high blood pressure

  1. Hemp powder supplementation can reduce and prevent high blood pressure. That is the final conclusion of a Canadian scientific report published in 2014. In addition, the researchers note that digestion improves when hemp powder is ingested. More good enzymes are produced that affect blood pressure. The researchers conducted their research on rats.

Hemp powder good for heart patients

  1. Researchers conclude that hemp powder or the hemp seed flour is good against heart disease. People with cardiovascular disease can use this flour as a supplement, the researchers suggest. They do this on the basis that the essential fatty acids in the form of basic omega 3 and basic omega 6 are in the correct proportion of hemp flour. In addition, it can lower blood pressure, which we already saw in the study above. Furthermore, hemp seed can reduce arteriosclerosis due to all the antioxidants it contains. Arteriosclerosis is the precondition for the development of cardiovascular disease, but it can also lead to a stroke. The researchers conclude their research with the hope that other researchers will study the effect of hemp powder on the nervous system, the immune system and the skin.

Hemp powder against fatigue and for the immune system

  1. Chinese researchers saw in 2008 that when they gave hemp powder to mice, they were less tired. There was also a positive effect on the immune system. Samples from the blood and liver of the animals were used to measure these health effects of hemp powder.

Hemp powder against atherosclerosis

  1. One study concludes that hemp powder contains so many antioxidants that it effectively captures free radicals. As a result, less lipid peroxidation takes place. That is the process that causes arteriosclerosis. That is why hemp powder is a good remedy for cardiovascular disease. The researchers say that hemp powder may have great potential therapeutic effects.

Usage tips for hemp powder

  1. Hemp powder or the ground flour of hemp seed we do not really know for a long time in the kitchen in 2015. This super valuable food product, which also grows very quickly, can mean a lot in terms of nutrition, but the culinary and medicinal aspects are also valuable. To make better use of this product, here are a few pointers.

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