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The healing power of neem tree

  1. Neem tree is an evergreen tree from India that can reach a height of 35 meters and has medicinal qualities. One of its best known medicinal properties is that against head lice. The tree can live to be around 200 years old and rarely has a trunk longer than three meters, giving it a bushy appearance for a long time in its life. Today the tree grows all over the world, on every continent and is mainly cultivated because it can be made into a biological pesticide.


  1. Naming Take history as a medicine Edible parts of neem tree Active substances neem tree Take against lice and scabies Neem oil as a skin care agent Neem oil for gingivitis and caries Other medicinal effects of neem tree Neem tree warning


  1. The Latin name for neem tree is Azadirachta indica. In Dutch this medicinal plant is called neem or neem tree. You write 'take' but you say 'no one'. It is actually strange that we use the spelling 'take' in Dutch. In German you just write ´Niembaum´.

Take history as a medicine

  1. In Ayurveda, the traditional Indian medicine, the neem tree has been used for its medicinal properties for 2000 years. In particular, neem oil is used for its medicinal applications. A wide range of diseases have been treated with it. These include: Anemia, high blood pressure, hepatitis, ulcers, leprosy, hives, thyroid diseases and digestive disorders. In addition, it is used for mouth and dental problems, head lice, diabetes mellitus and cancer. It could also act as a spermaticide. A spermaticide is a spermicidal substance and therefore a contraceptive.

Edible parts of neem tree

  1. The shoots, young leaves and flowers of the neem tree can be eaten and are prepared in India as a vegetable in various dishes. Veppampoo Rasam is a soup-like dish that is eaten in Tamil Naud, southern India. In West Bengal people eat nim thin, a dish that mainly consists of small cut leaves with pieces of eggplant. In Cambodia, Thailand and Myanmar shoots, young leaves and flowers of the neem tree are also used to enrich meals.

Active ingredients of neem tree

  1. The leaves and seed oil of the neem tree are used for medicinal purposes. It contains terpenoids such as azadirachtin, the bitter substances nimbine, nimbidine, nimbinine and betasitosterol.

Take against lice and scabies

  1. Four parts ground fresh leaves in combination with one part turmeric soaking in hot water is good for fighting lice. In addition, it is also a good recipe for combating scabies or scabies. Scabies is a disease that only occurs in the Netherlands if the patient has lived an extremely unsanitary life, such as not washing bed linen for months.

Neem oil as a skin care product

  1. Neem oil is used to treat dermatitis or skin inflammation, wounds and ulcers. In addition, it is a good skin care product for healthy people. It regenerates the skin.

Neem oil for gingivitis and caries

  1. Neem oil is often used in natural toothpastes in India. The oil also appears to have gingivitis, periodontitis or extensive dental tissue inflammation and dental caries. Contrary to what many dentists would have you believe, holes in Bloeisel can be neem tree / Source: J.M.Garg, Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-3.0)

Other medicinal effects of neem tree

  1. Neem oil is used in traditional Asian medicine for intestinal worms, malaria, breathing difficulties, fever, stomach ulcers, diarrhea and diabetes. However, few Western phytotherapists have adopted these forms of treatment.

Grab tree warning

  1. Using neem oil externally has no side effects. When taken orally by adults, neem oil is often well tolerated. For reasons not yet solved, neem oil is sometimes less well tolerated in children and adolescents. Infants and children should definitely not be given neem oil. Overdose in adults, as with neem oil in children and adolescents, can lead to the following side effects: Nausea, diarrhea, breathing difficulties, convulsions or fits, drowsiness, coma, and even death.

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