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The healing power of onion powder

  1. Why would you want to use onion powder? Because it is healthy. Onion powder is healthier than apple powder. This is evident from scientific research. You can use onion powder in the kitchen by sprinkling it over the food. You can add it to a vegetable mixture in a baking pan. The nice thing about this culinary remedy is that it also has medicinal qualities. For example, onion powder can promote stress resistance. Onion powder shows important scientific evidence that it is a good remedy for detoxification. This tasty powder also works against arteriosclerosis, the precursor of heart problems, according to preliminary research on animals. Follow-up studies on humans are required to draw definitive conclusions.


  1. Why use onion powder? Onion powder for stress resistance and as an anti-depressant Onion powder good for diabetics Onion powder versus apple powder Onion powder and detox Make your own onion salt Onion powder can work against arteriosclerosis Onion powder has antibacterial activity Culinary tips onion powder

Why use onion powder?

  1. Onions are available fresh every day and are very healthy in themselves. You can already use the healing power of onions. So you may wonder why you should buy onion powder. One reason may be that onion powder provides an easily usable source of vitamins and minerals. It provides so many healthy substances that it can be used medicinally. It is also an extra flavor enhancer. Onion powder can make a dish a lot better. There are culinary and medicinal reasons for using onion powder.

Onion powder for stress resistance and as an anti-depressant

  1. In 2008, Japanese researchers conducted a study on the antidepressant effect of onion powder. Onion powder was given to rats and the rats were subjected to a behavior that leads to stress. Among other things, the rats were forced to take a swimming test. Subsequently, dopamine release in the hypothalamus was measured. The swimming test stimulated the production of more dopamine. But if the rats had eaten onion powder, less dopamine was produced. The rats thus became more stress resistant. The increased production of dopamine occurs in depression patients. Therefore, onion powder can be labeled as antidepressant. The researchers point out quercetin as a possible active ingredient in onions.

Onion powder good for diabetics

  1. Onion powder can regulate blood sugar levels and at the same time has a protective effect on the kidneys. People with diabetes often have problems with the kidneys. That is why they benefit extra from eating onion powder. The many nutrients that stop free radicals, among other things, are the cause of the medicinal effect, the researchers see. Also the level of the blood lipids improves when more onion powder is eaten. The blood lipid level is a kind of parameter that tells something about the risk of heart problems.

Onion powder versus apple powder

  1. American study from 2012 investigated the intake of quercetin in humans. It turns out that apples and onions are important sources of quercetin. The nutrients in onion powder appear to be more absorbable and higher in number than those of apples. Onion powder was also absorbed more quickly by the body. Onion powder beats apple powder on all fronts. The researchers also added onion powder to applesauce and saw that there were more nutrients in applesauce, making the applesauce actually healthy.

Onion powder and detox

  1. Polysulfides and glycosides of flavonols were indicated by French researchers in 2001 as substances with possible anti-cancer effect. Especially the production of enzymes can hinder the development of cancer cells. Substances in onions stimulate the production of all kinds of healthy enzymes, the French saw. Toxic substances were broken down faster when one ate onion powder. In other words, onion powder ensures that residues of toxins that are normally stored in the liver disappear from the body. It is an ideal powder to use during a detox.

Make your own onion salt

  1. Onion salt is also sold. That is a mix of salt with onion powder. Onion salt is mainly put on pasta or pizza. You can make onion salt yourself by mixing salt and onion powder. Use about 50% mix.

Onion powder can work against arteriosclerosis

  1. A study on rats shows that eating a diet full of bad fats can be alleviated by supplementation with onion powder. Rats were fed a poor diet high in trans fats. They get arteriosclerosis. It turned out that the arteriosclerosis was a lot less if onion powder was added to this poor diet. The Spanish researchers published their study in 2014. For their research, onion powder was obtained from Germany. It was clearly seen that all parameters indicating chronic stress in the form of inflammation were reduced at the cellular level by giving the rats onion powder.

Onion powder has antibacterial activity

  1. Onion powder, like fresh onion, has an antibacterial effect. Common onion belongs to the vegetable antibiotics. Researchers compared a powdered onion extract with ginger extract and saw that both products worked against a variety of bacteria. Ginger was seen to exhibit slightly more antibacterial activity. Nevertheless, the antibacterial properties of onions are probably used much more often because you can eat them in larger quantities and use them in several ways in the kitchen.

Culinary tips onion powder

  1. You can go in many directions with onion powder. Most people use it in hot meals, but it can also be used in some cold meals.

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