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The healing power of onions

  1. Onions belong in the daily menu. They are not only a good flavoring for all kinds of dishes, but also very healthy. Many meals prepared in the frying pan start with frying an outing. This often happens in combination with the baking of garlic. Onions can also be eaten raw in a salad. Everyone knows that some onions over a mayonnaise taste great. It is also extra nice to know that onions have healing power.


  1. Among the ancient Greeks

Medicinal herb

  1. The onion has also been a medicinal herb in India for thousands of years. In ancient Egypt, the pharaohs were given onions in a burial chamber so that it was easier to travel to the next world. The onion was an acclaimed and often eaten vegetable in Egypt. Traditional Chinese medicine uses onions to treat angina, a pain in the chest. Onions are also used to combat bacterial infections, respiratory diseases (asthma) and coughing. In Europe, the onion was already used against these diseases millennia ago. In addition, the onion is a very good remedy for flu and colds

Stuffy nose

  1. If someone has the flu and a stuffy nose it is good to drink onion tea, eat raw onion and put half an onion on the bedside table during sleep. The nose then remains open and you can breathe well.

Polyphenols in onions

  1. Onions are relatively high in polyphenols, more than tomatoes, carrots, bell peppers and also more than their immediate relatives from the allium category such as leeks and garlic. There are only six vegetables that have more polyphenols. Just like onion, two of them are an allium: shallots and celery. The other four are Brussels sprouts, parsley, artichoke hearts, and broccoli. Onions are very high in the polyphenol quercetin

Vitamins and minerals

  1. In addition to polyphenols, onions also contain vitamins and minerals. It contains the most vitamin C. Furthermore, it contains a fair amount of B6 and B11. It contains the minerals molybdenum, manganese and potassium. The outing also contains the amino acid tryptophan

Good for the heart

  1. Onions have proven themselves according to scientific research to be good for the heart and blood vessels

Onion prevents inflammatory rheumatism

  1. Rheumatoid arthritis is inflammatory rheumatism. The property that the onion is good for the joints and the capsules between joints ensures that the risk of rheumatism is reduced. Onions can also combat other inflammations in the body. The large amount of sulfur that the onion contains is responsible for this. Onionin A is a macrophage sulfur, a cell that supports white T cells and thus the immune system

Quercetin in onion

  1. The main antioxidant in onion is quercetin. This polyphenol counteracts the oxidation of fatty acids. That is the main reason for the fact that onions prevent cancer. The onion as an anti-cancer drug has been widely researched by science. Some cancers have a reduced risk of getting them if you eat them once or twice a week. Examples include laryngeal cancer, colon cancer and ovarian cancer. For oral cancer, onions must be eaten daily to significantly reduce the risk of this terrible disease. Raw onion fits perfectly in a chemotherapy-supporting diet

Bacterial infections

  1. Onions are very effective against bacterial infections. Hundreds of years ago, the onion was used as a medicinal food as a disease agent. This effect is confirmed by science. Onion is considered a natural antibiotic. Raw onion has the properties of fighting bacteria in the mouth. Onions make caries harmless and onions are also good against bacteria that attack the gums. Onions are great for your natural oral care

Tips for eating onion

  1. Raw onion is usually put over a green salad, but it can also be combined with homemade mayonnaise. You can put raw onion chips on a peanut butter sandwich. That makes the sandwich deliciously spicy and extra healthy. You can fry onions every day to eat them with other vegetables.

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