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The healing power of oregano oil

  1. Essential or essential oil based on oregano has various medicinal capacities. For example, oregano oil can combat the notorious E.coli bacteria. That is why the active ingredient carvacrol from oregano oil is in many food products to prevent spoilage and food poisoning. Research has also shown that it can be effective against norovirus. In addition, this oil is effective against a number of parasites.


  1. Carvacrol Not enough research Varieties of oregano General information Medicinal actions Scientifically proven effects Against E.coli bacteria Oil of oregano helps fight human norovirus Oregano oil against parasites Some applications from naturopathy


  1. First of all, it is good to know that almost everyone reading this has eaten products that have been created thanks to synthetic carvacrol. This substance is used to prevent food poisoning but also to make animals in factory farming, such as chickens, less likely to get sick. Carvacrol is a substance found in large quantities in oregano and essential oregano oil. One could isolate the natural carvacrol or use the whole essential oil. Scientific research shows that natural carvacrol works better than synthetic carvacrol. For example, chickens become healthier and fatter. Farmers prefer to use synthetic carvacrol because it is cheaper.

Not enough research

  1. Despite the fact that oregano oil, based on the experience of many doctors, is effective against a large number of diseases, this oil has not been subjected to much scientific research. That is unfortunate, because the scientific studies that have been done show that the activities of oregano oil can be called 'impressive'. However, the number of medicinal activities is so great that it will take many decades for science to study them all clinically. Another reason that oregano oil has not yet been fully researched is that, according to scientists, there are 38 different types of this plant. According to the essential oil expert the late André Gielen, there are even 52 types of oregano oil.

Varieties of oregano

  1. Scientific evidence for one variety also applies to a large extent for another variety, but in order to provide a scientific definitive answer, all species must be investigated for all medicinal effects. However, that doesn't mean that oregano oil is a scientifically unproven natural remedy; there are tens to hundreds of scientific studies demonstrating the effects of the oregano varieties, but not all of the effects have been screened on humans by strict scientific standards. In contrast, the fact that the oregano oils have been used to heal humans for thousands of years is a very important indication that this substance is indeed working; otherwise people would not heal with it and naturalists would not prescribe it. In addition, the antibacterial effects of substances in oregano oil are used daily in the food industry.

General information

  1. The Latin name of oregano is Origanum heracleoticum. Another variety of oregano oil is Origanum vulgare. In the Netherlands we also know the oregano species five-in-one herb. Origanum majorana is also widely used. We know this oregano variety better in the Netherlands under the name marjoram or marjoram. According to André Gielen, Origanum vulgare is one of the strongest varieties; it is also the most commonly used. In addition to these three, there are 35 other varieties of oregano that can all produce an essential oil. Carvacrol is the most important active ingredient in all essential oregano oils. In addition, there are many phenolic monoterpenes in oregano oil.

Medicinal effects

  1. A 2013 Tunisian scientific study stated, "Oregano oil has antibacterial, antifungal, antiparasitic, antimicrobial and antioxidant properties." The same study states that the main substance in carvacrol has the following properties: anti-tumor, anti-mutagen, anti-genotoxic, analgesic, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, angiogenic, anti-parasitic, anti-platelet clotting, anti-pain, anti-elastasis, insecticide, anti-hepatotoxic and hepatoprotective activities. The last two properties are of extra importance as they mean they can cure a diseased liver and protect a healthy liver. The liver is the body's most important organ. Unlike the heart, it cannot be replaced by an artificial mechanism. A properly functioning liver ensures healthier skin, better digestion, a better immune system or life energy. In other words, substances that support the liver actually support the entire body.

Scientifically proven effects

  1. Incidentally, an American researcher adds a number of other activities to the arsenal that the Tunisian researchers list: Carvacrol is also anti-arthritic, anti-allergic, anti-carcinogenic, anti-diabetic, cardioprotective, gastro-protective and neuroprotective. Scientific research is the basis for all these activities. Yet there are skeptics who say that the effect of a natural remedy like oregano oil is exaggerated on the basis that there have been too few scientific studies to investigate all these effects in detail. In this case, the skeptics do not take the time factor into account. Oregano oil has so many properties that it is simply impossible to thoroughly investigate all these effects in a short period of time.

Against E.coli bacteria

  1. The Escherichia coli bacteria can cause all kinds of nasty conditions in the body. Scientific research shows that oregano essential oil affects and reduces the growth of a bacterial colony of E. coli. This makes it easier to restore the bacterial balance in the body and reduces the chance of an infection developing. The essential oregano oil was tested on humans by Polish scientists in 2012. In 2008, Chinese scientists had already conducted a large-scale study into the antibacterial effect of oregano oil; they also saw that this oil is effective against the E.coli bacteria. In addition, the same researchers saw that antibiotics used against the E.coli bacteria work less well when combined with oregano oil; the oregano oil wears off the antibiotics too quickly, as it were, and kills the bacteria earlier than the synthetic substances do.

Oregano Oil Helps Fight Human Norovirus

  1. Essential oils have been used to preserve food thousands of years ago. In 2014, a US study was published showing that oil of oregano fights human norovirus. The active substance is carvacrol. The researchers suggest the possibility of sprinkling food with a solution of carvacrol to stop human norovirus.

Oregano oil against parasites

  1. An American research team administered oregano oil in 2000 to 14 people who had the parasites Blastocystis hominis, Entamoeba hartmanni and Endolimax nana in their intestines. The oregano oil was administered orally. 600mg of oregano oil was given daily. Of the 14 people, 11 people showed huge improvements in their bowel habits. Some parasites had even completely disappeared. Incidentally, there are therapies with other plants in which parasites disappear 100%, such as absinthe wormwood.

Some applications from natural medicine

  1. Below are a number of frequently used uses of oregano oil from the variant Origanum vulgare. Despite the fact that in practice it has been found that these treatments work, there is not always scientific evidence for these actions. But the thousands of people who have been successfully treated with it probably find the effect more important than the scientific basis.

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