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The healing power of palm sugar

  1. The arenga palm prefers to grow on steep slopes in Indonesia, where the plant is called arenga palm. Other palm species do not like to grow here, so they do not pose a threat. Palm sugar is made from the arenga palm. The name, for arenga palm sugar in Indonesia is gula java. Of all healthy sweeteners, this one is probably the least expensive, although half a kilo of stevia leaves can also take a very long time. Palm sugar, however, is a lot more practical to use than stevia leaves.


  1. Palm sugar from the sugar palm General information Nutritional value of palm sugar Is palm sugar really healthy? Good for diabetes Arenga palm Performance enhancing Live longer

Palm sugar from the sugar palm

  1. In Indonesia, palm sugar is used to make rudjak and cendol. An original Indonesian gado-gado also contains a little bit of palm sugar. The arenga palm is 20 meters high and its leaves are 6 to 12 meters long. Edible fruits grow on the tree that have a black color when ripe. Traditionally, an alcoholic drink is brewed from the sap of this tree. A natural alcohol drink can be made from almost any palm, sometimes from the sap of the trunk. sometimes from a fruit.

General information

  1. The Latin name for arenga palm is arenga pinnata. In Dutch, this tree is also called sugar palm or spikes. The arenga palm originally grows in The fruit from which the sugar is made / Source: W.A. Djatmiko, Wikimedia Commons (CC BY-SA-3.0)

Nutritional value palm sugar

  1. Palm sugar contains a large amount of vitamins, minerals, proteins and amino acids. In contrast to refined white sugar, it is a healthy type of sugar. White sugar does not contain any vitamins or minerals and this type of sugar, which we also call granulated sugar, meets the basic conditions for a large number of diseases to develop such as caries, ADHD, obesity, diabetes mellitus and cancer.

Is palm sugar really healthy?

  1. Despite the fact that palm sugar is healthier than granulated sugar, it is not smart to eat much of this product. The nutrients contained in this type of sugar are present to a lesser extent than in vegetables, nuts and fruit. It has a lower glycemic value than sugar, which is because it contains inulin. This substance ensures that the sugar is absorbed into the blood more gradually. Still, it is important to note that while palm sugar is a good substitute for white sugar, it is by no means smart to consume the same amount of palm sugar as white sugar; then you will be disappointed. Better to get used to a diet with less sweeteners.

Good with diabetes

  1. Palm sugar has a very low glycemic index, which means fewer peaks and dips in the blood sugar level. This makes it a suitable sweetener for diabetics or people who suffer from a pre-stage diabetes mellitus such as insulin resistance or metabolic syndrome. In other words, by consuming palm sugar instead of white sugar, diabetes will develop less quickly, if at all.


  1. The palm sugar that is currently for sale in organic shops is also called arengas sugar, after the original name of the tree; the arenga palm. More than 6,000 Indonesian farmers harvest their palm sugar juice from arenga palms and take the product to a nearby factory a few hours later. In the past, the palm sugar juice was dried by heating it over a wood fire. Geothermal heat is used for factory production. This prevents people from cutting down trees to make a fire. On an annual basis that saves an estimated 200,000 trees.

Performance enhancing

  1. In Indonesia, athletes take palm sugar before a competition to improve their performance. In general Indonesians do not deliver high sports performances internationally, but that is more due to their slender build.

Live longer

  1. Scientific research would show that people who eat palm sugar live an average of 11 years longer. You have to make a comment with this type of research, because the average age of people can only be measured over their entire lifespan and there are no scientific studies that last 80 years. It is therefore inherent in the research itself that this research can only be carried out with difficulty. Yet, according to scientists, people who regularly eat palm sugar would suffer less from cardiovascular disease, diabetes and asthma.

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