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The healing power of sodium bicarbonate

  1. A very cheap household product can cure cancer. Its anti-cancer activity has been successfully tested in humans. It is multi-purpose. A much used way is to use it as a raising agent. It is also the basis for toothpaste and a cleaning agent. In the Netherlands it is not used very much, but even more so in Germany and English-speaking countries. What hardly anyone realizes, however, is that sodium bicarbonate is not only quite harmless; it has medicinal properties! Incidentally, some so appreciate its medicinal properties that they eat too much stomach salt; that is not healthy. Gastric salt has side effects.


  1. Gastric salt Some guidelines Alkalosis as a side effect of the anti-cancer treatment with stomach salt Example of a PH cure Sugar, the dubious aspect Gastric salt against cancer Other medicinal effects

Stomach salt

  1. We no longer really know stomach salt as a medicine. But chances are your grandma used it for a variety of stomach ailments, including stomach acid regurgitation. It still works well against that! Better than expensive drugs such as Omeprazole that also have side effects. The side effects of antacids can cause chronic diseases.

Some guidelines

  1. Gastric salt use has some guidelines. People with kidney disease should not use it. But if you do not suffer from kidney disease, it can actually purify the kidneys. With stomach salt you can get teeth nice and white. You can make it with water and brush your teeth. For flavor you can mix it with mint tea or lemon water. But you have to be careful not to brush your teeth too much with it. Two or three times a week is enough. There is a chance that the enamel will be damaged by sodium bicarbonate. Those who use too much stomach salt also run the risk of cardiac arrhythmias, muscle cramps and the formation of phosphate stones in the kidneys. If you want to use it, you could persist in taking a 100ml glass twice a day, with half a teaspoon of sodium bicarbonate each time. People with high blood pressure, heart disease, or kidney problems should abstain from sodium bicarbonate or limit it to two to four times a week.

Alkalosis as a side effect of the anti-cancer treatment with stomach salt

  1. An important side effect of an excess of sodium bicarbonate is alkalose. Gastric salt changes the PH; it changes the balance of acid and base. If this balance is disturbed too much from the outside, it can lead to alkalosis. Symptoms of alkalosis are:

Example of a PH cure

  1. A PH cure for cancer on the internet says that you have to take 3 teaspoons mixed with water and maple syrup for 12 days to bring the PH value to 8.5. That brings all the symptoms of alkalosis with it, but the cancer cells do die! At least, that's what the authors of this cure say, which can be found in the source list. You can then stop the treatment and start again a few days later if desired. The period of 12 days with three teaspoons is preceded by five days of taking two teaspoons per day. It is not wise to drastically boost the PH level in too short a time. During the 12 day period it is important to take a potassium supplement.

Sugar, the dubious aspect

  1. Note the dubious advice to combine intake of sodium bicarbonate with maple syrup or maple syrup. Cancer cells feed on sugar! In other therapies, the use of sugar is completely discouraged. Again, sodium bicarbonate therapy has not been 100% researched as the scientists are constantly revolving their findings and have never investigated the use of stomach salt alone. This is due to the following: it is not considered ethically responsible to withhold chemotherapy or radiation from people, even though only 3% of people who undergo chemotherapy become cancer free and survive. However, it has been found that the chance of survival in combination with gastric salt consumption is a lot higher. In other words, there is a great chance that those who use gastric salt and chemotherapy will be cured of cancer, despite the use of chemotherapy.

Stomach salt against cancer

  1. Research from 1984 shows that every person studied with cancer saw their tumor shrink when the PH value of the body rose to 8. A normal PH is between 7.2 and 7.5. There are many strong indications that cancer cells stop dividing when the PH value in the body is above 7.5. The study stated that the pain disappeared along with the cancer tumor. In addition, it was particularly noticeable that the more chemotherapy a person had used, the more difficult it was for the cancer to disappear. The multitude of studies done on sodium bicarbonate still include baking soda, stomach salt or sodium bicarbonate / Source: Tszrkx, Wikimedia Commons (Public domain)

Other medicinal effects

  1. In general, the intestinal flora is improved by the use of stomach salt. It makes fungi disappear. Athletes suffer from acidified muscles because they use their muscles very hard. This acidification can be somewhat reduced by using sodium bicarbonate. Many diseases are related to a disturbed PH balance. The following conditions are associated with it:

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