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The healing power of strawberry powder

  1. We have known for a long time that fruit is healthy, but with fruit powders such as those from the strawberry you can take a concentrated amount of minerals, vitamins and polyphenols. It is a natural supplement that also tastes good. In the kitchen it is a culinary enrichment. But one with medicinal properties. For example, did you know that with the help of strawberry powder you reduce the chance of developing diabetes?


  1. Strawberry powder improves blood profile Fruit powder is good for the liver Strawberry powder for diabetes and obesity Strawberry good for metabolic syndrome Strawberry good for esophageal cancer? Strawberry powder for people with diabetes Eating and drinking tips strawberry powder

Strawberry powder improves blood profile

  1. Strawberry powder reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, heart attack and stroke. American researchers concluded this in 2012. Strawberry powder was examined on 20 people. It turned out that the blood profiles were improved by the anti-inflammatory effect of strawberry powder. This causes less inflammation. The researchers conclude from this that the chance of a number of lifestyle diseases is reduced if one uses strawberry powder as a dietary supplement. The American scientists see a future role for strawberry powder as a daily supplement. It may be especially interesting for obese people who are more at risk of developing diabetes or heart problems.

Fruit powder is good for the liver

  1. Rats that had been poisoned with acylamide, a substance commonly found in our food, especially fried products, healed faster if they ingested a fruit powder. In the study, the scientists used a mix of strawberry powder, grape powder and blueberry powder. The DNA damage in the liver cells was considerably improved by the administration of this fruit powder. There was also more activity of the enzymes; these are substances that other substances in our body convert into usable substances. Sperm content, sperm activity and sperm motility were also improved by this fruit powder mix. That means that this fruit powder may have health-promoting effects on the liver and overall health. It may even be a means of increasing fertility.

Strawberry powder for diabetes and obesity

  1. Researchers see a promising role for strawberry powder as a supplement for people with obesity and diabetes. The group of researchers published in the USA in 2012. a report showing that the blood levels, which are indicators of disease, were improved by taking strawberry powder as a supplement. There was less inflammation and better secretion from glands such as the pancreas. This improves overall digestion. That's good news for people with diabetes and obesity, which are digestive diseases.

Strawberry good for metabolic syndrome

  1. American researchers who in 2010 examined 30 people with metabolic syndrome for the effectiveness of strawberry powder saw a lot of characteristics of this dried and pulverized fruit. They saw that strawberry powder lowers blood pressure in people with metabolic syndrome. They also see a cholesterol-lowering effect, but more research needs to be done on this. It is further noted that the main active ingredient in strawberry, the anthocyanins, are present in the same amount in fresh strawberry as in dried strawberry. So there is no nutrient loss as far as anthocyanins are concerned. An American study from 2009 also shows that people with a metabolic syndrome benefit from strawberry powder. Among other things, it has a good effect against cardiovascular disease and arteriosclerosis.

Strawberry good for esophageal cancer?

  1. American researchers concluded in 2012 that strawberry powder is good for esophageal cancer. Research was conducted on 70 people. These people had all been diagnosed with dysplasia or deformities. These deformities lead to an increased risk of cancer. In this case, the abnormalities were in the esophagus. 30 grams of strawberry powder and a group 60 grams of strawberry powder were given to a group. It turned out that the group who consumed 60 grams of strawberry powder per day actually reduced their risk of developing cancer, based on analyzes of blood profiles.

Strawberry powder for people with diabetes

  1. In 2013, researchers see that strawberry powder can be used by people with type 2 diabetes mellitus because it has a low GI index. It was also measured that the biomarkers to measure atherosclerosis improved when strawberry powder was eaten. 36 participants took part in the study. They had to drink a drink containing 50 grams of dried strawberry powder or a placebo. 50 grams of strawberry powder is equivalent to eating half a kilo of strawberries. After administering 50 grams of strawberry powder for six weeks, it was seen that the antioxidant status of the blood had clearly improved in the group of people who drank strawberry powder with water. Blood sugar levels were also better regulated in this group of participants.

Eating and drinking tips strawberry powder

  1. Strawberry powder can be added to pancake batter. To make it extra festive, you can top the pancake with strawberries. Strawberry powder can be mixed very well in dough that you use to make cookies, cakes, muffins, pastries or brownies. You can add a little strawberry powder to the cream yogurt. Strawberry powder can be used as an instant drink. You can dilute it with water and possibly an ice cube. Strawberry powder can be combined with milk and ice cubes or ice cream into a milkshake. If you don't have ice cream, you can also use whipped cream. You mix strawberry powder, ice cubes or ice cream and the water in the blender for half a minute. Strawberry powder can be perfectly combined with other fruit powders such as acai powder, blueberry powder, apple powder, banana powder, pear powder, blackberry powder and mango powder. You can make bread that you use especially for sweet fillings. Bake a loaf of bread with strawberry powder in the flour. Try mixing strawberry powder with rice milk, goat's milk, oat milk, or almond milk instead of regular milk, the white danger.

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