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The healing power of wheatgrass powder

  1. Wheatgrass powder can be drunk fresh, but it is also available in dried form. Scientific research has shown that this dried form, just like the fresh juice, has all kinds of medicinal properties. Wheatgrass powder has the ability to regulate the immune system, may counteract the adverse effects of chemotherapy, and is effective against Alzheimer's according to a 2014 study. In addition, it has a large number of other medicinal functions.


  1. The practical side of dried wheatgrass powder Superfood wheatgrass Ingredients wheatgrass Proven medicinal properties of wheatgrass Wheatgrass good for immune system Wheatgrass powder against Alzheimer's Wheatgrass reduces chemotherapy drawbacks Wheatgrass against intestinal ulcers

The practical side of dried wheatgrass powder

  1. Dried wheatgrass powder is very practical to buy. The alternative is that you grow wheatgrass at home in such a way that you have access to a portion daily. In addition, you have to put the cut, fresh wheatgrass in a slow juicer, which in turn ensures a lot of washing up. You can mix wheatgrass powder with water at your own discretion. The preparation time of a shot of dried wheatgrass powder is considerably shorter than the preparation time of fresh wheatgrass.

Superfood wheatgrass

  1. Wheatgrass powder is a relatively new food type; it falls under the superfoods. There is increasing criticism of the title 'super' given to food. However, it is only a title. You may ask: is premium petrol really that great? Isn't the regular organic shop much better than the super market? Compared to electric driving, petrol is not so great for your wallet and the environment. Compared to health food stores, degraded food is sold in so-called supermarkets.

Ingredients wheatgrass

  1. The Latin name we use in science for wheatgrass is Triticum aestivum. Wheatgrass started to drink for the first time around 1930. In 2015 you can use three forms of wheatgrass; fresh wheatgrass, wheatgrass that has been frozen as an ice cube and dried wheatgrass. Wheatgrass contains the following ingredients: vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, polysaccharides and chlorophyll. Especially the amount of chlorophyll is very high. 70% of wheatgrass consists of this substance.

Proven medicinal properties of wheatgrass

  1. People all over the world have found that wheatgrass juice is good for digestion. In addition, it can reduce elevated blood pressure, detoxify the blood of metals, improve the entire immune system and relieve gout pain. All of these medicinal activities noted by wheatgrass users have been verified by scientific research. Furthermore, it has been scientifically shown that wheatgrass exhibits anti-tumor activity. It can treat duodenal ulcers and there is some evidence to prevent some diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

Wheatgrass good for immune system

  1. A 2013 Taiwanese study investigated the immune system-regulating effects of wheatgrass. By applying all kinds of chemical procedures to samples of dried wheatgrass, it was possible to trace some substances that are responsible for better communication between the different cells in the human body that are involved in the functioning of the immune system. One of the substances was maltoheptaose. This substance can activate the monocytes in the body, cells that help regulate the immune system. Another substance in wheatgrass is the oligosaccharide fraction WG-PS3. Like maltoheptaose, this substance helps improve communication between the different immune cells. The immune system must be able to distinguish the body's own from foreign substances and determine whether the amount in which the substance occurs poses a threat to the body. You understand that this can only take place if the different parts of the immune system communicate with each other adequately, quickly and efficiently.

Wheatgrass powder against Alzheimer's

  1. Wheatgrass powder was given to rats with Alzheimer's disease in a 2014 study. The rats had been given Alzheimer's for this study by contaminating their food with aluminum. The brains of the rats with Alzheimer's showed a lot less oxidative stress when they were given wheatgrass powder. The scientists concluded that wheatgrass has many antioxidant properties and that these had a remarkable medicinal effect on Alzheimer's. Scientists even say that wheatgrass may play a key role in Alzheimer's treatment in the future.

Wheatgrass reduces the disadvantages of chemotherapy

  1. An exploratory study shows that wheatgrass is most likely to lower the toxic value of the blood in people who have received chemotherapy. Chemotherapy releases all kinds of toxic substances into the blood that can cause a lot of damage. A 2007 Israeli study of 60 women with breast cancer found that haematological toxicity, the extent to which toxins occur in the blood, decreased significantly after administration of wheatgrass juice.

Wheatgrass against intestinal ulcers

  1. Researchers at the Israel Institute of Technology in Haifa, Israel, saw in 2002 that wheatgrass has medicinal properties for intestinal ulcers. Wheatgrass was used as the only medicine and it turned out to help with intestinal ulcers. Wheatgrass as an adjuvant, addition to another treatment method, was also found to work well against this ulcerative colitis, as the disease is called in official medical terms.

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