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The Remarkable Health Benefits of Gelatin!

  1. What is the first association you have with the word gelatin? Probably something with chemical-flavored jellies or wine gums, or maybe those crazy skins that always clump together when you try to cook something with it ... A lot of people think that gelatin is dirty or difficult to use and therefore leave it so much possibly ignored.

  1. It's a shame, because gelatin is not only extremely useful during all kinds of culinary adventures; it is also very healthy. We will tell you in detail in this blog post exactly how you use gelatin, and what benefits it can bring you!

Gelatin powder

  1. What many people do not know is that gelatin is an animal product: it is obtained from animal collagen, an elastic substance that you can find in bones and cartilage, for example. The gelatin is extracted by boiling the bones for a long time, a bit like making broth.

  1. To make the substance suitable for sale, the cooked mixture is further thickened and filtered in all kinds of ways, until you finally get the gelatin powder that you can simply buy in the supermarket. You can use that, for example, to give puddings and pies their famous â € jellyâ € ™ texture.

Gelatin leaves

  1. And then you have the well-known leaves, which you can easily use instead of the powder. It applies that each sheet of gelatin equals about one and a half grams of powder, so about half a teaspoon. This is useful to know when following recipes where quantities are indicated in leaves!

  1. Both the leaves and the powder must soak in cold water for a while before use in the final dish. The leaves become soft and slippery and can thus be dissolved in hot dishes; the powder turns into a cloudy paste that can be added to the rest of the dish in one go.

Good for digestion

  1. Then why would we throw that slippery gelatin through our food? There are many reasons for this, the most important of which is likely to keep your digestive system healthy. Gelatin ensures that the gastric mucosa remains healthy and that a kind of layer is formed on the inside of your intestines, something that prevents irritation in the affected organs and helps you to absorb nutrients better.

  1. Gelatin also reduces stomach acid and reflux after eating. After all, it contains a lot of glycine, an amino acid that supports your liver and thus ensures that you can remove toxins better - something that will certainly benefit your health!

Good for the skin

  1. But gelatin doesn't just make you healthier on the inside; also from the outside you will shine with the healthy substances that the stuff contains. This is mainly due to the collagen from which the gelatin is extracted. As you probably know, collagen is one of the substances that keeps your skin supple and elastic, and gelatin makes a big contribution to that too!

  1. For example, it prevents wrinkles, helps prevent stretch marks in pregnant women and can reduce cellulite. Incidentally, it also keeps your teeth and nails firm and gives you a fuller head of hair.

Which is the healthiest gelatin?

  1. Of course, with gelatin, as with other animal products, it is important to watch the sources of your food. If the animals in question have been fed all kinds of antibiotics and processed crops, you can assume that those harmful substances can be found throughout their body - including in the gelatin that is eventually removed from their bones!]

  1. Preferably choose gelatin from organic brands and of course check that all kinds of unnecessary additives have not been added. That way you can be sure that you really help your body with this healthy food!

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