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The snacking dilemma when you're on a diet

  1. Anyone who has ever been on a diet knows the problem: the Friday afternoon drinks, a birthday party or perhaps a wedding. The tables are full of tasty snacks. You prefer to eat them all, but unfortunately that is not allowed from your diet. Diet should not be a prison sentence, so fortunately there are options to enjoy tasty and especially responsible enjoyment.

The snacking dilemma

  1. Birthdays, parties and parties. All super fun, but if you are on a diet they can also be quite stressful. Because are you allowing yourself to eat whatever you want for once? Or do you stick to your diet strictly and don't take anything? If you only have one birthday per month, you can allow yourself something extra. But if you have several such social occasions per week, it becomes a bit more complicated. Many snacks are fried or contain a lot of mayonnaise. Very tasty, but unfortunately this is also accompanied by extra fat and calories!

Fat important

  1. Every person needs fat. Even if you are on a diet, your body needs fat, for example to be able to absorb certain vitamins. Vitamins A, D, E and K can only be absorbed by the body when they are dissolved in fat.

Back to the snack dilemma

  1. If you have a social occasion with snacks every week, limit yourself to one or two snacks. Preferably not in combination with alcohol, but simply with a glass of Diet Coke, Crystal Clear or Spa red. If you have such a party at most twice a month, stick to two or three snacks and if you only have a birthday once a month, do not take more than five snacks. Of course, taking nothing at all is always better for your figure, but not better for your psyche. Every time you tell yourself that you shouldn't have something, you automatically start longing for it. Food should not become an obsession, life is just as important!

Vegetables and dipping sauce

  1. Of course, not all snacks always have to consist of pure fat. Nowadays it is also very trendy to serve a bowl of cherry tomatoes or strips of bell pepper with a low-fat yogurt dip. You can take this one! Just be careful that the dip is not mayonnaise based. Also, you don't have to put more dip than necessary on your pepper strip ("gosh, do you take paprika with your dip?").

Finally sauces

  1. Be careful with dipping sauce! This often contains a lot of fat that you do not think about quickly. The white sauces in particular contain a lot of fat. Therefore prefer (in moderation) for salsa, ketchup, chili, barbecue sauce or curry. These do not contain fat. Also make sure that the homemade dipping sauce is not stiff with the mayonnaise, it is not at all surprising to check this with the hostess.

Deep fried

  1. Grams of Kcal Fat Bitterbal 1 piece / 15 grams 35 kcal 2 gr Deep fried prawns 1 piece / 30 grams 39 kcal 1.7 gr Mini frikadel 1 piece / 20 grams 52 kcal 3.9 gr Vlammetje 1 piece / 20 grams 63 kcal 4.4 gr Mini cheese soufflé 1 piece / 20 grams 73 kcal 4.7 gr

Dip Sauce

    Toasts and baguette

    1. Grams of Kcal Fat Toast 1 piece / 4 grams 15 kcal 0.1 gr Melba toast 1 piece / 4 grams 16 kcal 0.1 gr Cheese onions baguette 1 slice / 20 grams 48 kcal 1.2 gr Baguette brown 1 slice / 20 grams 52 kcal 0.3 gr French bread white 1 slice / 20 grams 54 kcal 0.2 gr

    Salads etc.

      Chips etc.

      1. Grams of Kcal Fat Salt sticks 10 pieces / 10 grams 38 kcal 0.5 gr Cassava chips 1 handful / 15 grams 72 kcal 3.2 gr Tortilla chips 1 handful / 15 grams 73 kcal 3.3 gr Chips 1 hand / 15 grams 81 kcal 5 gr Borrelnuts 1 handful / 20 grams 109 kcal 6.6 gr Salted peanuts 1 handful / 20 grams 125 kcal 10.1 gr

      Cheese and sausage

      1. Grams of Kcal Fat Liver sausage 1 slice / 10 grams 29 kcal 2.4 gr Grill sausage 1 slice / 10 grams 31 kcal 2.7 gr Boiled sausage 1 slice / 10 grams 36 kcal 3.3 gr Cheese 48+ 1 cube / 10 grams 37 kcal 3 gr Cream brie 60+ 1 cube / 10 grams 37 kcal 3.3 gr

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