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The tattoo and body modification

  1. The tattoo is completely in again. Many get a new tattoo. New tattoos are being placed all over the world and they appear in all walks of life. But body modification goes a lot further than a beautiful tattoo. According to some, body modification is also becoming a rage. You can also opt for a temporary tattoo.

The Tattoo

  1. A beautiful tattoo is a work of art. Famous are the beautiful Japanese tattoos that are often used in the Japanese criminal scene, the yakuzza. It is not just three dots, but whole works of art that cover the body. Also famous were the paintings on the body of the Russian Tsarina Catherine the Great at the end of the 18th century and of Tsar Nicholas II Aleksandrovich. Tattoos are in, but for many young people having a tattoo is no longer enough. Nowadays you have to get a lot more done to be distinctive from others.

Which tattoo do you take?

  1. People get tattoos for all kinds of reasons. For yourself, because you love someone, to belong to a group, simply because you like it. But what kind of tattoo do you take. Take a look at a tattoo shop and have a look around the internet. If you have already found a nice drawing or image, you also need to know where you want to place it, in which colors and how big it should be. Do you want a two dimensional tattoo or a three dimensional tattoo. With tattoo shading it can also be done in three dimensions.

Body modification is a trend

  1. Body modification is an extensive catch-all term and includes all kinds of body decorations and modifications and combinations thereof:

Some body modifications explained

  1. Making visible changes to the body through tattoos and piercings we see every day nowadays. It is becoming more and more extreme, because almost no part of the body remains untouched. Yet this does not go far enough and many young people in the US want to go further. In their opinion, they not only demonstrate endurance, but also indicate that they belong to a particular subculture permanently and clearly. These are often painful procedures that are not without health risks. Proper care is necessary, because all kinds of infections are lurking. Splitting the tongue is one such option. Not without danger, but it is regularly chosen.


  1. Branding is also a new craze in the making. For many it is a bit of a shock, but especially for the recipient of the brand. It hurts terribly. And that is where the sensation often resides. They choose a shape or design it themselves and go to a shop that burns the design into the flesh. Branding is known to many from marking animals on ranches, or the slaves of the past. Yet that does not stop some young people from having it done to themselves by a professional. And don't think that, just like before, it is oppressive and restricts or diminishes freedoms. Whoever does it often does it right to show that he is free and different.


  1. We mainly know the application of implants from plastic surgery. But it is now also increasingly part of the desire for body modification. And I'm not referring to a larger torso with the help of implants, but to young people who have horns placed under the skin on the forehead and all kinds of other exciting modifications on arms or chest. A lot is possible.

Dermal Anchor Piercings

  1. Much less extensive, but the Dermal Anchor Piercings are emerging. They are Micro Dermal Piercings in the shape of a mini implant. A titanium plate with an upright bar, on which you can screw, for example, a Swarovski stone or another gem.


  1. Body modification and implants no longer seem to hold back. The future must show how big it will become, or whether it will be limited to a relatively small group. But that is what we thought of the tattoos and piercings a few years ago, and these are now indispensable.

  2. Body modification and implants no longer seem to hold back. The future must show how big it will become, or whether it will be limited to a relatively small group. But that is what we thought a few years ago of the tattoos and piercings and they are now indispensable.

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