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This is how you make the Dutch stamppot delicious vega

  1. According to the Health Council, we should eat plant-based foods more often. But a kale stew is very tasty with bacon, smoked sausage and gravy. Isabel Boerdam, known from the website â € ˜De Hippe Vegetarià «râ € ™, gives tips for a tasty Dutch stew without meat.

Tip 1: Add other vegetables

  1. Boerdam: â € People often think very limited when it comes to vegetables in stews. They only stir endive into the stew, or red cabbage. A shame, because there are many more vegetables that are very tasty in a stew. Take a handful of cherry tomatoes, arugula, celeriac, fresh peas or black beans and stir them into your stew. Not only the vegetables, you can also vary with the potato. For example, opt for sweet potato or celeriac instead of regular potato.â € ™

Tip 2: Nuts instead of bacon

  1. Â € ˜Instead of using crispy bacon bits over the stew, add a handful of roasted seeds, seeds or chopped nuts. Which is very tasty: cut sun-dried tomatoes into strips and stir like bacon into the stew. Fresh herbs (chives, parsley, celery) look very nice and fresh in a Dutch dish.â € ™

Tip 3: Choose your meat substitute

  1.  € Do you prefer bacon? You can try vegetarian bacon, such as those from De Vegetarian Butcher or those from GoodBite. In recent years, a huge range of tasty meat substitutes has been added. I try them out for my website De Hippe Vegetarià «r. I myself am a big fan of Garden Gourmet's vegetarian balls (the new brand name of Tivall). But the chicken pieces from this brand or those from Vivera are also delicious. People who love fish can try the vegetarian fish burger from SoFine. If you are looking for a sausage, I would opt for a vegetarian bratwurst instead of a vegetarian smoked sausage. They are often less fat and have a tastier bite, I think. But it just depends on what you love. Anyway, the meat substitutes are worth a try!  €

Tip 4: Make your own gravy

  1. Â € ˜Even without meat you can serve a dimple of gravy with the stew. For example, fry a meat substitute with an extra pat of butter and make your own gravy. Alternatively, add coconut yogurt to the stew, which gives it a slightly sweet taste. Regular yogurt with some mint is a bit fresher. A spoonful of humus in the stew is delicious. Finally, GoodBite's vegetarian meatball already has a ready-to-eat gravy in the package.â € ™

The Hip Vegetarian Isabel Boerdam is known from the website De Hippe Vegetarià «r. There she shares recipes, visits restaurants and tests meat substitutes. Also read Free Booklet: Vegetarian Recipes How do you become a healthy vegetarian? 8 tips to eat less meat Don't miss anything?

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