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Tiger mosquito or Aedesmug can spread Chikungunya

  1. The tiger mosquito or Aedes mosquito is a dangerous mosquito that carries the chikungunya virus. This virus has been known for a long time and was mainly found in Africa and in countries around the Indian Ocean, but especially the Caribbean and Suriname are increasingly the habitat of this mosquito. The mosquito makes victims not only in this area, but also in France, Spain and Italy we see this dangerous mosquito advancing. The complaints are serious and can be compared to dengue fever. This mosquito bites not only at night but also during the day.

The Chikungunya virus

  1. Chikungunya is a viral disease that can be compared to dengue or dengue fever. The virus is spread by the Aedes mosquito, which we also call tiger mosquito. In fact, it is a mosquito from the same family as the one that caused Denque. The mosquito has undergone a mutation and has spread rapidly. When the mosquitoes are infected, they carry the virus in their salivary glands. When a person is bitten by the mosquito, the virus enters the bloodstream. There is no human-to-human contamination. The virus is also not fatal, but the complaints it causes are long-lasting. There are no drugs that can cure the disease.

Tiger mosquito or Aedes mosquito

  1. The Aedes mosquito has spread from Africa and is now also found in the Caribbean, Suriname and South America. But also in Italy, Spain and France people are not safe from these Aedes mosquitoes. Reports of the disease also occur here. Especially in the Caribbean, there is a real epidemic with the chikungunya virus. From 2014 the disease occurred in Bonaire and in the same year the first infection was detected on Sint Maarten. From that time on there was a big increase in the number of reports from this area. From 2016 this epidemic will be over. Nevertheless, vacationers are advised to take protective measures to avoid contamination with the virus.

What are the symptoms of the chikungunya virus?

  1. Of all people who are stung, about 75% will be infected with the virus. The first symptoms will appear about three to seven days after the sting. These consist of:

What can be done to prevent contamination

  1. In contrast to the malaria mosquito, the Aedes mosquito is mainly active during the day. It is very important to take good precautions both during the day and at night to prevent contamination. Examples are:

The danger of standing water

  1. One would not easily think about the presence of stagnant water. For example, it may be that they have rented a house or apartment where water remains in the gutter. The mosquitoes start to breed here and the danger of being bitten is then strongly present. Flower pots that contain water must also be removed. Sometimes there are still half empty barrels with a layer of water in them. Make sure everything is clean and dry to avoid contamination. A female mosquito produces n.l. 100 to 200 eggs. In warm areas, these hatch in 2 days. The larvae, which are only 8 millimeters long, grow into adult mosquitoes in just a few days. This fast life cycle makes it difficult to fight the virus.

The treatment of the disease

  1. Laboratory testing is required to diagnose the disease. The doctor will draw some blood. When the disease has been diagnosed, anti-inflammatory and painkillers can be started. We think of Ibuprofen or paracetamol. There is no vaccine available against this disease. However, research is being done in both France and America to develop a vaccine to prevent the disease.

Is it safe to visit the Caribbean

  1. The RIVM indicates that visiting the Caribbean in 2020 is quite possible if the correct measures are taken. Of course, the following applies: A warned person counts for two. It is also important to keep an eye on the news about the chikungunya mosquito and the epidemic. Before booking, check the website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Aedes mosquito

  1. In addition to chikungunya disease, the Aedes mosquito is also associated with the Zika virus, which is very active in South America. There are large-scale actions to combat the mosquitoes. Especially in Brazil, young women are advised not to become pregnant because of the risk of brain abnormalities at birth if infected.

Spread to other areas

  1. By 2020, the disease will have spread across Africa, Asia, Central and South America. The countries in and around the Indian Ocean have also had to deal with the chikungunya mosquito. In Europe, the mosquito has been detected in France, Spain and Italy. Anyone traveling south should be aware of this dangerous mosquito that can cause such a serious disease. In September 2020, 3 Dutch people in the South of France were infected with the virus.

Tiger mosquito in the Netherlands

  1. The tiger mosquito is also sometimes found in the Netherlands. Then mosquitoes, eggs or larvae came along with a transport, for example made of bamboo or tires. The mosquitoes are then immediately fought or exterminated at that location. With this, RIVM policy focuses on delays. In the long run, the mosquito will settle more often in the Netherlands. The chance that you will get sick from a bite from this mosquito in the Netherlands is negligible.

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