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Tip: Ready-to-eat cauliflower rice!

  1. You may have already seen it at the Albert Heijn: ready-to-eat cauliflower rice  If you already knew that hype, it will not have surprised you too much. However, plenty of people will also have wondered, shaking their heads, what this was needed for. Rice is a great healthy product, right? Why then do we suddenly have to replace that with cauliflower?

  1. Good questions, and cauliflower rice isn't necessary at all. Yet it does have advantages - and it is more versatile than many people would think. In today's blog, we'll list everything about cauliflower rice and its best uses. And of course we also explain how to make it yourself!

Why no carbohydrates?

  1. The main reason people choose cauliflower over rice is that it has fewer carbohydrates. That does not necessarily have to be a good reason. There is nothing wrong with carbohydrates in itself. They are just great suppliers of energy that your body needs just as much as any other substance. The downside: many Dutch people eat way too much of it.

  1. Just think: bread, oatmeal or muesli for breakfast, bread for lunch, biscuits in between, rice, pasta or potatoes for dinner ... To that extent, it makes sense that the carbohydrates will also have disadvantages - if only due to a shortage of other substances. So it is very often allowed to decrease!

Why more vegetables?

  1. And why do we just choose cauliflower to replace that rice? There is a good reason for that too. In addition to too many carbohydrates, many Dutch people also eat too little vegetables. Hardly anyone achieves those 250 grams per day. Worse still, many scientists find that number too low.

  1. According to them, the most benefits only occur with 400 grams (actually even more) of fruit and vegetables per day. Well, then we clearly still have a long way to go ... Cauliflower rice is a great way to eat more vegetables without having to change your entire diet. You hardly taste the difference!

How do you use cauliflower rice?

  1. If you usually have plain rice on your plate, we understand that you don't find this alternative very attractive. After all, a scoop of dry cauliflower is not really a delicacy. Fortunately, a lot is possible with cauliflower rice! We've made six delicious suggestions below:

  1. Cauliflower rice with a scoop of dry vegetables on the side is not very tasty. But cauliflower rice with crispy stir-fried vegetables, an Asian sauce and some chicken, egg or nuts on top? Without a doubt, that will be a success! You can just use the cauliflower rice here as you normally would with regular rice.

  1. The cauliflower rice itself can be stir-fried and baked very well. An ideal way to use that property is with the good old nasi. Add the cauliflower rice to the fried vegetables and cook quickly in the wok or pan. Make sure you don't let it get too soft, because mushy nasi is not a tasty idea with cauliflower!

  1. Ready for something creamy and comforting? Then make a risotto from the ready-to-eat cauliflower rice! A little smuggling is necessary: ​​cauliflower grains naturally do not absorb water like rice does. However, with a spoonful of ricotta and a splash of white wine you can create a very similar effect.

  1. A very creative use of cauliflower rice is to make a pizza base. It doesn't take much time: mix the cauliflower with eggs, some Parmesan cheese and herbs to taste, and you're done. After you have baked it in the oven for a while, you can top it with your own favorite toppings.

  1. We have previously written a blog about the health value of sushi. It was a bit disappointing ... but by replacing the rice you can make a big difference! Also, omit the mayonnaise and grilled cheese as much as possible, and use fish and vegetables instead. Then you will soon have a great meal!

  1. Who says you can only make savory dishes with cauliflower rice? Sweet also goes well with vegetables. For rice pudding, add coconut milk, a good pinch of cinnamon and some honey and you have the basis for a delicious dessert. Probably no one will taste what the main ingredient is!

Make your own cauliflower rice

  1. Curious, but prefer to make that cauliflower rice yourself? Fortunately, that is very easy. You don't need more than a cauliflower in terms of ingredients. You simply cut it into sturdy chunks and put everything in the food processor. Grind everything into firm grains, but be careful not to make porridge.

  1. Subsequently, different preparation methods are possible. You can use the microwave or steam the cauliflower. The disadvantage is that you will have to squeeze the water out later. Roasting the cauliflower in the oven is also possible. Stir-frying is also possible, and is recommended, for example, when making that nasi!

Broccoli Rice

  1. Like the idea of ​​vegetables as a carb substitute, but don't like cauliflower? No worries! Broccoli rice is also sold at Albert Heijn, for example. That too can be wonderfully combined. Consider, for example, a recipe with feta and grilled vegetables or even another vegetable pizza.

  1. And for those who really want to get away from it all, there is also the option of zucchini spaghetti. You will be surprised how small the taste difference between pasta and zucchini turns out to be! Thanks to the ready-to-use options, you also no longer have to buy an expensive spiralizer to make your own â € courgettiâ € ™.

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