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To the beautician

  1. Many people dread going to a beautician. But going to the beautician is not only that you are fiddled with and fiddled with. It is also a piece of health and relaxation. I asked one of the best beauty specialists in our country, Paul Bode, to give it a try and made a summary. Perhaps this article will get many people over that threshold to see a beautician.


  1. Paul Bode has been a beautician since 1982. He has been nominated three times for "Beautician of the Year", and three times he finished in second place. By following many courses, he is always up to date with the most recent developments in the field of grooming. He has cooperated with various television channels such as: AT5, VARA, RTL 4 and 5, NCRV, TV Noord-Holland and in the te program "Catherine". Paul writes regularly in various trade and fashion magazines and he gives various courses to beauticians. Finally, you can regularly find Paul at various fairs where you see him working as a make-up artist.


  1. It is very important to take good care of your face. This applies to both women and men. When you talk to someone, the first thing someone looks at is your face. There are separate facials for women and men. When you go to the beautician for the first time, the condition of your skin is first checked and the treatment is then adjusted accordingly. But a treatment looks something like this:

Hair removal

  1. Many people have hair growth in places where they would rather not have it. Today there are many methods of combating hair.


  1. The simplest way is of course shaving. The disadvantage of this is that your hair will become stiffer and thicker. You quickly suffer from ingrown hairs. And you can suffer from a lot of irritation.

Laser hair removal

  1. Hair removal by means of lasering is sensitive. The laser is introduced through the hair into the hair follicle, and eventually the hair follicle is destroyed and no more hair can grow out. The result of the treated area is that it becomes virtually hairless. Depending on your hairiness, you will need x number of treatments. The biggest drawback of this treatment is that it is very expensive. But it also takes a number of treatments before you have results. Often you also have to be treated afterwards, because the hair follicle can become active again over time.


  1. Waxing can be very sensitive, but you are immediately off your hair temporarily. After about four weeks, your hairs will grow back. The warm resin is smeared on the part to be depilated. The special cloth to remove the resin with the hair is rubbed on the resin. With a quick pull against the direction of hair growth, the resin is removed with the hair. The downside to this method is that it can be quite painful in places. This is because with the removal of the resin, bits of living surface skin come along. The hairs also break off faster, which means that you have more problems with ingrown hairs. Also, the resin can feel very hot in some areas and cause minor burns.

Body sugaring

  1. One of the newest hair removal methods is Body sugaring. Body sugaring is a hair removal method that is comparable to waxing, but in a gentle and safe method. Body sugaring is much less painful than waxing and it can be applied to any body part. The big advantage of this method of hair removal is that it can ultimately lead to a reduction in hair growth. Because the hairs are removed in the direction of hair growth, they hardly break off. This means that there will be no more ingrown hairs. Very short hairs can also be removed through this hair removal. The sugaring paste is a mixture of natural ingredients without chemical additives and therefore people who use medicines or are pregnant can also have their hair removed without any problems. Because the paste only adheres to the hair and dead skin cells, the hair removal is much less painful. And because the dead skin cells are removed, your skin is immediately silky soft and looks healthy. Even the most sensitive areas such as under the armpit or bikini line can be done very well with sugaring. Body sugaring is by no means painless, but it is very tolerable.

Blue veins, couperose and rosacea

  1. Blue veins on your legs and red veins in your face (couperose and rosacea) are caused by widening of the superficial skin blood vessels. This condition can be treated very well by means of a laser method. After a treatment with the laser there is immediately a visible improvement of the skin.

Eyelashes and eyebrows dyeing

  1. Do you have very light eyebrows and / or eyelashes. Then you can have them dyed. At the beautician they have special paint to dye eyelashes and eyebrows. If you want to dye your eyelashes or eyebrows yourself, never use the same kind of dye as for your hair. Hair dye contains ammonia, and if you get that in your eye, you are not happy.


  1. Sooner or later everyone will get wrinkles. This is nothing more than the aging of your skin. Your skin loses elasticity, it becomes thinner and weaker, resulting in wrinkles. Wrinkles arise in 2 ways. From the inside as a result of skin aging and from the outside as a result of sunlight, smoking, stress, environmental pollution, the movement of the facial muscles and the position in which we sleep. The older we get, the more wrinkles we get. By taking good care of your skin you can already get rid of a lot of wrinkles. Especially with a good anti-wrinkle cream you can fight the first wrinkles. If that no longer helps, you can tackle your wrinkles in a rigorous way. You can have your wrinkles injected with the protein botox or the skin's own collagen. You can even go a step further by taking a facelift. But the injections and facelifts are not done by beauticians but by doctors.

Other beauty treatments

  1. Besides the above treatments, a beautician does a lot more:

External annoyance

  1. As you can read, the beautician has many options for your appearance. They are your confidants of your outer annoyance (es). Do you have an outward annoyance. Don't be ashamed to call a beautician. You can always make an appointment for a personal meeting for your outward annoyance. Together you will come to a treatment that can reduce your outer annoyance or make it disappear itself.

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