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To the sauna: in swimwear or not?

  1. Wellness and sauna are becoming increasingly popular. In the Netherlands too. Traditionally, the matter was clear: in Finland, the cradle of sauna culture, people went into the sauna without swimwear. So here too. Now that the sauna is becoming more commonplace among the general public, there are also more and more swimwear days in sauna complexes. "Unhygienic," is the argument that is often made against this. Is that right? Experts shed light on the big question: the sauna in with or without swimwear? We also briefly identify where lovers of sauna use in swimwear can go.

With or without swimming trunks, bathing suit or bikini?

  1. But unless you've turned your own home into a small wellness center, there is a big question: sauna with or without swimwear on? It seems that the sauna offer for people who do want to go into the sauna with swimwear is growing. Wellness centers as well as hotels that offer a sauna can go either way. Firstly, it is possible that the policy will be to enter the sauna with swimwear. We regularly find this in hotel saunas. Second, it is possible to serve both flavors. Then there are regular days for visitors who want to enter the sauna in swimwear, and for visitors who like to enjoy the 'old-fashioned' way without swimwear.

Self-aware or principle

  1. There are many reasons why people choose swimwear in the sauna. People can feel shy without clothes on, for example because of the thought of their own imperfections. But there are also people who think it is basically correct to reserve the view of their garment-less bodies for special persons.

It shouldn't be! It should be!

  1. There are swimwear days with the big names in wellness land, such as Sanadome and Thermae2000. In fact, it's often good practice that everyday is swimwear day. But when the Zwaluwhoeve also switched to swimwear days, in this case every two weeks, this led to discussion. Wellness centers such as Sanadome are not 'sec' sauna complexes, so breaking the rules of the art is easier there than in a complex like Zwaluwhoeve, which profiles itself as a pure sauna complex. Not only the audience showed mixed reactions, the Dutch Sauna Association also voiced displeased sounds. It did not help. The public got the last word. And the public thought it was mostly a success. Since then, Tuesdays are swimwear days.

Tuesday, swimwear day?

  1. The same Zwaluwhoeve has gone one step further. Since the end of 2014, there is a swimwear day on the first Sunday of the month. This is new because until now swimwear days rarely or never fall on weekends, so during the most popular period to go to the sauna or the wellness complex. In fact, it is customary to choose Tuesday because this is a not too popular day for sauna visits and the sauna can therefore not fall apart if the visit is disappointing. However, it turns out that swimsuit days are so popular with the public that this argument is no longer valid.

Swimwear days, with whom and when? Information on some of the "big names"

  1. Zwaluwhoeve, Hierden (near Harderwijk), swimwear day on Tuesday and from the end of 2014 on the first Sunday of the month Thermae 2000, Valkenburg aan de Geul, swimwear day on Tuesday Sanadome, Nijmegen, swimwear is compulsory every day throughout the thermal landscape Thermen Holiday, Schiedam, swimwear day on the 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th Tuesday of the month The Veluwe source, Emst, swimwear day every Tuesday

The big hygiene question

  1. Tradition is not only referred to when discussing swimwear days. The reason that wellness and sauna complexes give for rejecting swimwear days often boils down to a common phrase: into the sauna in swimwear, that is unhygienic. The Dutch Sauna Association also supported this argument. Gert van der Steen of the Zwaluwhoeve has his own opinion on this. Van der Steen: “It has never been shown that using the sauna with swimwear is actually less hygienic.”

What is swimwear?

  1. Please note, not all modern or classic swimwear is sufficient in every sauna! Burkini, swim leggings, swim shorts (ladies), or swimwear with a thong may not be allowed. Inform yourself before you happily venture out.

The water heaters

  1. It is remarkable that some of the people who go to the sauna in swimwear go on to a sauna visit without swimming trunks, bikini or bathing suit. Van der Steen estimates that one in ten people leaves their cold feet behind and crosses the threshold after a while in the sauna. Perhaps because people 'live' delve more into the matter and notice that going to the sauna without a bathing suit is part of a classic culture in which nudity does not have to mean shame. But it may also be that people realize that people in sauna complexes between the saunas usually walk around in a bathrobe, and that people often handle their own body discreetly.

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