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Top ten manicure misses (with expert advice)

  1. Nice hands? It is important to prevent crumbling edges on your nails, frayed cuticles or the dreaded 'tortoise effect', or premature aging and discolored hand skin. How do we do that? Tips from hand care and nail styling experts.

1. Crumbly or uneven nails

  1. Crumbly nails, an ugly shape or nine long nails plus one short: it's all about shape! That is why the art of filing was invented. Do not use an iron, but a sand file, otherwise chances are that your file work will lead to new brittleness and cracks. Top of the bill is the glass file, such as the KOH Crystal Nail File. An all-time classic in filing is natural. You can achieve that shape simply by mirroring the shape of the cuticle in your filing. Tip from Herome: personalize. For example, if you have round cuticles, round nail tips are best for your hands.

2. Frayed edges

  1. Smooth cuticles, or rather serrated edges? If you push back your cuticles with brute force once a week, the latter is your part. Prefer to push them back regularly with tender loving care, for example after a shower or bath. Then they are soft and willing. You get the same effect with KOH Cuticle Response. You can push back with your hands, or very chic with the KOH Nail Pusher and Cleaning Stick.

3. Nails? A dull misery

  1. Dry nails in particular become dull. But the use of cleaning products can also be the culprit. Take your hands with you when using your hand cream. Fix a la minute? Polishing, for example with the KOH Glossy Nail Buffer Set. Bonus effect is better adhesion of your nail polish.

4. Spot here, spot there

  1. Greasy nails mean that nail polish does not adhere well to your nail. So make sure the nail is clean and grease-free before you paint, otherwise streaks and spots are your part. Too many old layers of nail polish also damage your painting skills. Use a good acetone-free nail polish remover, such as KOH Wipe it Away, and prepare the nail for the better paintwork in one go. KOH tip: one drop of remover on a cotton swab to easily remove mistakes when painting.

5. The yellow danger

  1. Red nail polish lovers and smokers in particular can be threatened with 'the yellow danger.' In other words, an eerie yellow haze on the nail. To prevent this, always apply a protective base coat before using color lacquers. Not only do you protect your nails against discoloration, but your painted nails also stay beautiful for longer. KOH Long Lasting Base Coat dries quickly, so that you can use the color polish almost immediately.Tip: if you don't want to use a color polish, the misery of yellowish nails can be reasonably limited by an all-in-one polish that covers all the French Manicure effect approximates: pink nail beds and whiter edges. You guessed it, it comes from Herome of Koh - but also from other brands.

6. Miss .. Missmatch

  1. If you don't have time to change nail polishes regularly, forget the idea of ​​a bold color like red or pink. Otherwise, the nail polish will quickly clash with your clothes or lipstick. Are you willing and in possession of enough time to put energy and attention into your color coordination? Brands like OPI and KOH Colors have quite an incredible palette of nail polish colors.

7. Chip?

  1. Chip? Nice. But not on the nail. In other words, we are talking about the nasty phenomenon of 'chipping'. This crumbling of the nail polish is a striking styling blunder, especially for bold colors. A topcoat protects against premature chipping and makes the nail polish shine longer.

8. Hills and valleys

  1. Not everyone is blessed with smooth nails. You can solve a lot with a primer. Very refined is to then apply a matte nail polish. Such as KOH MATT. Not only high-fashion but also an optical trick to give the nail a more even look.

9. Get the sheets!

  1. Flakes around the nails? A cuticle remover removes them in a few minutes. But to be fair, that's a bit of aggressive stuff. You prefer to prevent this kind of thing by rubbing the cuticles daily with either your hand cream or a special product such as the KOH Nourishing Cuticle Brush. Cuticle conditioners contain intensive nourishing oils that can act during the night to make and keep the cuticles supple and soft. The one from KOH also contains Tea Tree Oil, to heal possible wounds and scrapes faster and prevent inflammation.

10. Panther skin and turtle skin

  1. Pigment spots and uneven hand skin. The chance is high, due to weather influences and especially the sun. But aging also plays a role. A hand cream with sunscreen can prevent a lot of trouble. If the damage has already been done, various brands (Lancome, Helena Rubinstein) have gentle remedies to fade spots and make the skin more even. Prevent premature aging with a special mask for the hands, such as from OPI or KOH. KOH Restoring Hand Mask restores the skin of especially extremely dry hands at night.

Painting your nails: expert tips from KOH

  1. Place the applicator in the center of the nail and slightly away from the cuticle. Then smooth in one smooth and gentle movement from the brush to the end of the nail. Repeat for both sides of the nail.

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