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Unknown fruit: Sweetie

  1. As if there are not enough fruits, man ensures that more types are added. The sweetie is one of them. It is a citrus fruit that is more or less 'formed' by crossing several fruits, in order to create a more or less unique taste. The sweetie is not a very well-known fruit and because it is not grown on a large scale, the fruit is also relatively expensive. What kind of fruit is it, how healthy is it and can it be used in recipes?

Sweetie, the base

  1. Sweetie is a composite fruit from Israel. It is a combination fruit of the grapefruit and the pomelo. The pomelo is then again a combination of the grapefruit and the grapefruit. To complete the hybrids, the grapefruit is actually a combination of the grapefruit and the orange. The fruit was first marketed in 1984.

Health aspects

  1. Citrus fruits all have a lot of vitamin C, some slightly more than others. The sweetie is no exception. In terms of calories, the sweetie is almost negligible, because 100 to 150 grams of sweetie contains only 24 calories.


  1. You eat the sweetie when the skin is smooth and has an even color. The sweetie should feel firm. Assume that the lighter the color of the fruit, the riper the fruit.

Nutritional Value

  1. Nutritional value per sweetie (average 100 to 150 grams):

Eat pure fruit

  1. Sweeties are easy to squeeze and a glass of sweetie juice has a nice soft sweet aftertaste. Remove the film around the pulp, as this can taste quite bitter. Sweetie is also easy to empty due to the soft flesh. Simply cut in half and eat the pulp and juice with a dessert spoon. You can also peel the sweetie, separate the wedges and eat it like that.

In one dish

  1. A fresh salad Sweetie combines well in a fresh spring or summer salad. Combine a fresh and well-washed head of lettuce with some fresh pecans. Add some sherry tomatoes, a finely chopped fresh bunch of spring onion and some thinly sliced ​​mini peppers yellow, orange or red in color and finally add a few wedges of a sweetie. Mix some juice from the fruit with some olive oil, for example olive oil with truffle, and sprinkle this over the well-mixed salad. Serve with some pieces of French bread with herb cheese.

Fruit cocktail

  1. Of course you can add some sweetie wedges to a tasty fruit cocktail. Combine the sweetie with some pieces of kiwi, some blueberries and slices of banana. Add a dollop of whipped cream and / or scoop of ice cream and top it off with a handful of red berries. Do not add separate juice anymore, the sweetie and kiwi give off enough juice. Present it all in a beautiful glass sundae.

Yoga deer dessert or snack

  1. A simple bowl of yogurt also brightens you up with some wedges of sweetie, some halved strawberries and some juice from the strawberries and sweetie. If desired, mix in some almond flakes or pieces of hazelnut for a little more bite.

Taste maker

  1. If you grate the skin, you can use it as a fresh seasoning in, for example, a cake or use it in a dressing. Always wash the peel well first and only use the shavings from the outer edge of the sweetie. If you go deeper into the skin, it will become bitter.


  1. Sweetie is not really a well-known fruit, but it is an excellent addition to the citrus group. Think of it as a slightly sweeter grapefruit. The sweetie can be combined well in different dishes, but can also be eaten as pure as a fruit. Finally, the fruit also contributes to a healthy diet.

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