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Urinating a lot, what can you do about it? -

  1. Urinating is important: in this way your body not only removes a lot of waste, but also ensures that your moisture balance remains well regulated. Still, that healthy mechanism can become a problem if you have to go to the toilet very often.

  1. Having to urinate more than eight times a day is known as an “overactive bladder” and can be quite annoying. How do you make sure that your bladder starts to slow down in a healthy way? In this article we give you a number of tips against peeing too much.

Keep on drinking

  1. When people need to urinate a lot, their intuitive response is often to drink less. That seems logical â € “after all, less fluid has to leave your body â €“ but unfortunately less drinking is counterproductive in the long term. This is because your bladder gets used to small amounts of fluid, and thus gives an even faster signal that you need to go to the toilet!

  1. In addition, it is also simply very unhealthy to drink too little water: at best it only causes a feeling of dullness, and at worst severe dehydration symptoms.

Pelvic muscle training

  1. When you not only have to urinate often, but also sometimes suffer from urine leakage, it can help to train your pelvic muscles. You can do this while sitting at your desk, by regularly tensing the muscles you would contract when you were trying to hold up a pee.

  1. Another way is to stop urinating every time you are on the toilet - also called 'urinating in dashes'. That way, you will soon find it easier to hold your pee so you don't have to go to the toilet as often.

Alcohol and caffeine

  1. Another thing that can have a significant impact is your consumption of alcohol and caffeine. These two substances inhibit the action of the anti-diuretic hormone, also known as ADH for short. ADH prevents too much water from entering the urine, but it is less able to perform that task when you have consumed caffeine or alcohol.

  1. This makes your bladder fill faster and you have to go to the toilet more often. So drink less coffee, black tea, cola and drinks, and always take a glass of water with it if you do drink them: this way you compensate for the faster fluid dissipation.

Cystitis or pregnancy

  1. A lot of urination can also have a medical cause, such as a bladder infection or a (beginning) pregnancy. With a bladder infection you constantly have the feeling that you have to urinate, while in the end only small amounts of urine come out. Often it also hurts to go to the toilet. If you suspect that you have this, it is wise to see your doctor for a test.

  1. A pregnancy also means that you have to go to the toilet faster, because the uterus then presses more against the bladder. In addition, the kidneys work faster during pregnancy, so that urine is produced at a faster rate.

Medication for frequent urination

  1. If you are very bothered by the constant urge to go to the toilet, it is possible to get temporary medication for this. However, drugs often only work temporarily, so it remains important to look for underlying causes. Your doctor can help you with this.

  1. Problems such as a fluctuating hormone level or an enlarged prostate are usually difficult to detect yourself, and with such causes it is also difficult to solve the problem with home-garden-and-kitchen remedies!

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