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Weleda elixirs and extracts for natural health

  1. The natural Weleda elixirs and Weleda extracts are excellent for use against spring fatigue, during pregnancy if the woman retains too much moisture, during a detox treatment in the spring, during a fast, against a lack of energy , increases resistance and is also suitable for young children. Do you need an extra helping hand? Then the natural Weleda elixirs and extracts may be able to help you.


  1. What is the function of an elixir or extract of Weleda? What can an elixir or extract mean? What does it do?

Spring fatigue

  1. Excellent natural remedies against spring fatigue, to give the body an extra helping hand during fatigue complaints, are the following two Weleda products:

Fluid retention during pregnancy

  1. Every pregnant woman wants the very best for both herself and her unborn child. If a pregnant woman retains moisture and wants a natural solution to the problem without harming her unborn baby, the following two natural Weleda products are excellent to use during pregnancy:

Detox treatment

  1. During the spring many people take a detox treatment or do a fasting period. Good natural support during these treatments can be the following two products:

Increase resistance

  1. The Weleda Sea Buckthorn elixir is an excellent natural remedy to help increase the resistance, after illness, a bad flu with fever or after a bad cold.

Sea Buckthorn

  1. Especially recommended to use the Weleda Sea Buckthorn elixir during:

Increasing energy

  1. Lack of energy? A natural means to increase energy is the use of the natural Weleda Blackthorn elixir. This elixir revitalizes and strengthens the body. Especially after a period of great and heavy strain, both physically and mentally, the Weleda Blackthorn elixir can be an extra helping hand.


  1. Where is the difference between the Weleda elixir or Weleda extract? The Weleda elixirs are sweetened with organic cane sugar and / or honey. The Weleda birch extract is not sweetened, there is no addition of organic cane sugar and / or honey.


  1. How should the Weleda elixirs and Weleda extracts be used?

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