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What are the most important basic garments for men?

  1. A man's wardrobe should not be without a few important basic garments. These are garments that last for years and have a timeless look. Good basics are: a white shirt, casual jacket, pullover, in-between jacket, white T-shirt, dark jeans and chinos. They are both casual and stylish and suitable for different occasions. You can combine these basics very well with the latest trends. They are not age-related and suit any clothing style. You can complete a good basic outfit with beautiful accessories.

Why are basic garments important?

  1. Basic garments are timeless and will last for years. They suit all clothing styles, from classic to casual. This way you can easily adapt your outfit to different occasions. Basics are neutral in color, they are: gray, black, white or navy blue. These neutral colors can be combined well with fashion colors. Nice accessories go with a basic outfit, with which you can emphasize your personal style. Examples of matching accessories are: a belt, watch and tie.

How do you collect a nice basic collection?

  1. Collecting a nice basic collection starts with a critical look at your wardrobe. Empty the cabinet completely. Get rid of any items of clothing that you no longer wear or that are out of fashion. Then you put neutral clothes in a separate pile. Then see if you can make combinations with the other garments. The combinations created should be suitable for different occasions. Are you missing something? Then you can look for the missing garment. Don't try to save on quality. If you have a limited budget, you can wait a while to purchase and save for it. Otherwise, the clean-up is a good time to get started.

Investing in quality

  1. Don't save on the quality of basic garments. Good quality clothing has a nice fit. The fabrics used have a luxurious appearance, they do not crease, do not discolour and do not fade after a few washes. The stitching is straight and there are no loose threads. The inside of the garment is also neatly finished. Zippers are not visible unless intended. With clothes with a pattern, the seams connect to this. Good basic clothing can be combined with cheaper fashion items.

To work in a business or casual outfit?

  1. It depends on your position and the regulations of the company which clothing you can wear. Ask for the regulations, but when in doubt always go for a neat outfit.

Business attire

  1. Business attire consists of a two- or three-piece suit with a tie.

Casual clothing

  1. Casual clothing can consist of a jacket with shirt on top of trousers. With or without a tie. For informal casual wear, wear a jacket with shirt over chinos or neat jeans.

The first impression

  1. The first impression people get of you is largely determined by the clothes you wear. How can you make sure you make a good impression?

The white shirt

  1. A white shirt is always good. It goes with everything, is timeless and can be worn at any time of the year. You can wear it casually with jeans and stylish with a suit. Slim men can opt for a slim fit shirt, possibly with stretch. Fabrics with stretch increase wearing comfort, it makes the fabric slightly stretchy. But it also marks out and is therefore less suitable for heavier men or for men with a belly. For sturdy men, regular fit is a better fit.

The dark jeans

  1. Most men wear jeans and have several in their closet. Then dark jeans should not be missing. Choose a nice-fitting model, not a skinny fit. Dark jeans are suitable for almost all occasions.

A jacket

  1. A jacket or blazer is not part of a suit and can therefore be worn both formally and informally. It is formal in combination with chinos or trousers. With jeans underneath it becomes informal. You can wear a jacket inside, but you can also use it as a jacket for outside. Add a nice scarf and your outfit is complete. Preferably choose a jacket in a dark color such as navy blue, gray or black. You can combine this with all colors.

The chino pants

  1. The chino pants have a sporty but at the same time a neat look. They are available in many different colors. Colored chinos are fun for a party. A dark colored chino, combined with a white shirt, looks formal again. And that makes this outfit very suitable for business occasions.

The white T-shirt

  1. This is really a basic piece of clothing that you can't have enough of. The white T-shirt. Outerwear will last longer if you wear a T-shirt underneath. A T-shirt absorbs sweat so that the shirt stays dry. It also prevents yellow deodorant stains on the shirt. In the summer you wear them without outerwear. They can be combined well with all colors. A T-shirt made of cotton with some elastane is stretchable and is very comfortable to wear. Also pay attention to the collar of the shirt. A narrow collar is less noticeable under outerwear. With a quiet base you can unpack with the accessories. Wear it with a striking watch or a nice belt.

A knitted pullover

  1. Pullovers are available with V-neck or round neck. On business occasions you wear a pullover over a shirt. Possibly with a jacket over it. For a casual look you only wear a pullover. Again, choose a basic color such as navy blue or gray. A wool sweater will last longer, but should be washed carefully. A cotton pullover fades faster but is very comfortable to wear.

The in-between coat

  1. The in-between jacket is indispensable if you have to go outside or during a car ride. Not too thick and easy to put on. An in-between coat is also more stylish than a thick winter coat. The trench coat and a parka are stylish in-between coats. The biker jacket and denim jacket are nice casual between jackets.

Matching accessories

  1. A good outfit also includes beautiful accessories. A belt, watch or tie are accessories that allow you to emphasize your personal style.


  1. A minimalist, classic watch goes with a stylish, business outfit. A watch with striking details can be combined well with a casual outfit. A large watch with a wide band looks good on men with a wide wrist. Men with a narrow wrist should opt for a smaller watch.

The belt

  1. A belt is not only functional but also an eye-catcher. You can already have cheap belts for a few euros, but here too you can invest better in quality. A leather belt lasts longer. If you choose a neutral color you can wear the belt with any outfit.


  1. Ties come in all shapes and sizes, wide, narrow, colored or neutral. It is an accessory that you can vary with. You wear a tie in a neutral color to business occasions. In your spare time, pick one with a striking color or a beautiful design.

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