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What is the importance of good pedicure treatment?

  1. The man or woman who gives the feet proper care has actually been around as long as man has been around and there has been some form of civilization. The contemporary pedicure either has a salon (in a salon) and occasionally the pedicure also comes to your home. For the elderly and people with problematic feet, it is sometimes an absolute must to have their feet periodically cared for thoroughly. But the group of people who see it as pure luxury is also growing.

Feet are important!

  1. Feet carry you all your life and we walk around the globe four times on average in a lifetime, that is about 180,000 km. They sweat, even if you don't realize it, at least about 250 ml per day and those same feet also contain the most bones. Namely one quarter of all bones in the body. Actually, it is not an unnecessary luxury to be good for your feet.

Foot care by the pedicure

  1. That foot care is important and is more than a clean foot with possibly nicely painted nails was already known in ancient times, among the Egyptians, the Romans and Greeks. But the Chinese also had women who specifically cared for the feet. Massages, steam treatments and pumice treatments were already being used back then.


  1. The basis for foot care is not that exciting and actually lies with water, possibly supplemented with a little bath salt. You rinse away dirt with water, but it also makes the skin softer. Although you can also remove calluses with a file if the skin is dry, there are also techniques that require a slightly more moist foot. A kind of scalpel is used to "grate" along the callus of the moist foot (this usually has more effect than the callus file). Wafer-thin layers of callus are removed and the callus can be carefully scraped away, until you reach normal skin. The color and texture of calluses are different from normal skin.


  1. The regular treatment, except for the cosmetic part, is also a matter of being preventive. Untreated corns can grow inward and even reach the bone. This can be extremely painful. Bunions can cause very painful feet when walking and it can become so serious that you can no longer walk normally in your shoes (giving advice about which shoes are good for your feet is also part of a treatment). Furthermore, ingrown toenails can cause inflammation and they are often painful and a starting fungal nail can be nipped in the bud.

Addressing problematic feet

  1. If you now have problematic feet, it makes sense to consult a medical pedicure. In principle, pedicure is not a protected profession and can therefore be practiced by anyone. However, if you have problematic feet, it makes sense to employ someone who is qualified. These pedicures are affiliated with ProVoet.

The luxury treatment

  1. The luxury treatment also partly includes the normal foot care treatment where callus is removed, the nails are trimmed and the foot is made presentable again in its entirety. You see more and more hydration treatments. The foot can become somewhat dried out, especially during the warmer summer months. This creates a kind of milky white layer on the edges of the feet. A good massage with a special cream (if applied regularly) can then offer a solution.


  1. Prices vary, but usually the medical pedicure is a bit more expensive. In terms of time, it takes 45 to 85 minutes. Depending on whether you also want nail polish, the costs can vary from € 40 to € 65. The luxury treatment usually costs between € 30 and € 45. Such a treatment also often takes 60 to 70 minutes. Often there are even more wellness options for the feet. This has to be paid separately and that differs per salon.


  1. The feet are so important to humans that a pedicure should be used on a regular basis. Sometimes this is in the domestic atmosphere, but going for a pedicure every now and then is not a superfluous luxury. Of course the finances have to be sufficient for this, but sometimes it is also a matter of setting priorities.

  2. The feet are so important to humans that a pedicure should be used on a regular basis. Sometimes this is in the home atmosphere, but going for a pedicure every now and then is not a superfluous luxury. Of course the finances must be sufficient for this, but sum

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