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What should you not eat when you are pregnant?

  1. When you are pregnant, suddenly you are not only eating for your own health. The baby in your stomach also depends on the food you receive! Some products that you can normally eat well are suddenly no longer such a good idea. They include for example substances that may hinder the development of your child, or work against your body in transferring nutrients.

  1. But which products are we talking about exactly? What should you not eat when you are pregnant? Today we give you a handy overview, complete with the medical reasons!

What should you not eat when you are pregnant?

  1. Of course this does not mean that you have made an irreversible mistake if you accidentally eat something from the list below. A bite of liver does not immediately cause all kinds of horrible problems! Nevertheless, it is wise to really pay attention to your diet. Avoid the following products and don't forget to take extra folic acid. Also a general multivitamin is absolutely harmless!

It is better not to eat the following products when you are pregnant:

    1. It is therefore wise to only eat meat that has been thoroughly heated during pregnancy. This way you can be sure that all dangerous bacteria have been removed. This means that dishes such as carpaccio, filet americain and smoked meat products such as roast beef should not be eaten.

    1. The same applies to raw fish as to raw meat: you do not want to ingest those bacteria. No sushi or raw herring, in other words! It is also better not to eat smoked fish during pregnancy. Another category that can be dangerous is predatory fish. Species such as swordfish and tuna contain relatively more heavy materials. It is therefore better to ignore this one.

    1. Raw milk can contain the Listeria bacteria, which is dangerous for unborn children. This means that raw milk cheeses, for example, are also better not to be bought. This is always indicated on the label as 'au lait cru' or 'made from raw milk'. You can still drink milk from the supermarket, which is pasteurized as standard.

    1. Raw eggs are also not a good choice due to bacteria: Salmonella in particular is the culprit here. Tiramisu and other raw egg dishes will therefore have to wait a few months.

    1. For the time being the answer to the question â € what should you not eat when you are pregnant? Â € ™ so mainly â € raw animal productsâ € ™. However, other foods are also less healthy.

    1. Liverwurst, for example, is also not a wise choice for pregnant women. Liver contains an awful lot of vitamin A, which in too high concentrations can cause birth defects. As long as you don't eat liver, you can be pretty sure you aren't getting an overdose of vitamin A.

    1. Herbs contain aromas that are bad for your child in large quantities. When you use the herbs in normal quantities in the kitchen, that is no problem. However, herbal preparations contain enormous concentrations of these substances and can therefore cause complications. Avoid these pills during pregnancy!

    1. Then another natural part of the list: alcohol. Among other things, it can cause brain abnormalities in your child, and should therefore be avoided with care. Your daily glass of red wine is certainly unhealthy in this case! Also do not eat dishes prepared with alcohol, such as risotto with white wine.

    1. Normally you can eat and drink about 400 mg of caffeine per day. However, a maximum of 200 mg is recommended during your pregnancy. Caffeine can increase the risk of miscarriages and underweight in the baby. It is also better not to overeat licorice and liquorice tea. They increase blood pressure, because the transfer of nutrients via the placenta makes it more difficult.

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