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What to do with a fibroid?

  1. Uterine fibroids are also called leiomyomata or myomas. They are benign tumors. They are the most common tumors in women and are not life-threatening. You sometimes notice it because of abnormal bleeding, stomach pain, constipation and frequent urination. Preventing fibroids can lead to spontaneous abortion or infertility. A doctor will soon suggest removing the fibroids or the entire uterus, but that has all kinds of negative consequences. Surgery can lead to wound infection, internal scarring, incontinence, and vaginal prolapse.


  1. Alternative methods Diet and fibroids Saffron and Turmeric Lycopene Heavy metals Chinese herbs Homeopathy Obesity and not enough exercise

Alternative methods

  1. Because a regular standard operation can have all kinds of unpleasant consequences, it is a good idea to first see whether the relatively harmless condition 'uterine fibroids' can be remedied by alternative means. There are a number of very effective methods. First, there is acupuncture. Compared to other medical treatments, acupuncture was effective in 98% of the cases and it resulted in a cure without side effects in 73% of the cases.

Nutrition and fibroids

  1. There are foods that increase the risk of uterine fibroids. Research shows that women who often ate ham, red meat and beef are more likely to develop fibroids. Green vegetables, fruits and fish protect against the formation of fibroids. Soy products can also promote fibroids. Soy products have an estrogenic effect.

Saffron and Turmeric

  1. Saffron has an inhibitory effect on human cell division. Unfortunately, for the time being that only applies from laboratory tests. Saffron is not only in the very expensive saffron variety that is made from dried crocus, but also in turmeric or turmeric. Turmeric can also be used in a diet during chemotherapy. There are even supplements based on turmeric because this spice has been proven in several studies to be anti-tumor growth.


  1. Lycopene is mainly in tomatoes. Research on Japanese quails shows that lycopene prevents the occurrence of meat growth in the fallopian tube. Japanese quail have been used as a research object for this because these animals are very sensitive to meat overgrowth. Lycopene from a heated tomato is absorbed by the body more quickly than from a raw tomato. You could make a tomato soup from organic tomatoes every week to combat fibroids. This is an agent that can be used in combination with other methods such as turmeric and saffron. By the way, you can add fresh turmeric to the tomato soup.

Heavy metals

  1. Heavy metals are a cause of fibroids, especially cadmium. It turns out that a high percentage of women with uterine fibroids have more cadmium in their blood than average. You could check your own environment for the occurrence of cadmium. What you should pay attention to is:

Chinese herbs

  1. Chinese herbal medicine is the longest herbal medicine in existence on the planet. Almost all effects of Chinese herbs have been scientifically confirmed and many herbs have entered the regular circuit. You can safely say that the use of Chinese herbs is based on learned insights and advanced science. Scientific research shows that of 100 pre-menopausal women with uterine fibroids, more than 90% experienced drastic improvements after treatment using Chinese medicine. Mostly KBG or Keishi-Bukuryo-Ganan is used, which is the bark of the Cinnamomum cassia, in addition the root of Paeonia lactiflora, seed of Prunus persica, pistil of Poria cocos and bark and root of Poria suffruticosa.


  1. Homeopaths can also give good advice against fibroids. There are several preparations that can help with this. A qualified homeopath can inform you about this.

Obesity and not enough exercise

  1. Obesity and lack of exercise can be an important factor in the occurrence of fibroids. That is an additional reason to combat obesity and get moving. Because a diet of fish, green vegetables and fruits also helps against fibroids, you can focus on these, especially fruits and vegetables, to both lose weight and reduce the risk of worsening fibroids.

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