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Wheatgrass infographic + complete summary!

  1. In recent weeks you have been able to read a thing or two about wheatgrass on the blog. Many liked this very much and I have decided to process this information in "image form". In the Netherlands these images are not very well known yet, but they are increasingly emerging.

  1. Below you will find an infographic (infographic) about the benefits of wheatgrass. In addition, I will give you a number of links to the article about wheatgrass for more background information. Do you want to order wheatgrass? Click the link below.

  1. Order wheatgrass?

  1. Below the wheatgrass infographic

  1. You can always share this photo on facebook or twitter, please even!

  1. Click here to download the image!

Order wheatgrass?

  1. When you search the internet, you will notice that there are several online stores where you can order this. is a webshop that I have experience with myself and where they offer high quality wheat grass at good prices.

  1. Click on the link below to go to the webshop!

  1. Buy wheatgrass on

  1. In the first article I will give you a brief introduction to what wheatgrass is exactly and why it is considered super healthy. In addition, I will give you a brief overview of the various health claims regarding wheatgrass.

  1. 1. Wheatgrass introduction

  1. In the second article I explain what you can grow wheatgrass yourself in addition to ordering (online). You can grow your own wheatgrass independently with 14 simple steps.

  1. 2. Grow your own wheatgrass

  1. In the 3rd article I explain how much wheatgrass you can drink and why it gives you such a big energy boost. In addition, a number of practical tips, such as when it is best to drink wheatgrass.

  1. 3. How much wheatgrass can I drink?

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