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Which types of water are the healthiest?

  1. Many people regularly buy bottles of mineral water or spring water in the supermarket. After all, the idea is that it will probably be healthier â € “after all, the label says that it contains a lot of minerals. Besides, you will pay that higher price for something, right?

  1. But what is the difference between the different types of water in the Netherlands? Is spring water or mineral water indeed healthier, or can you just as well opt for tap water? And what about purified water, which some health blogs are so excited about? We've listed all the facts below for you!

Mineral water

  1. Mineral water must meet quite a few requirements to be called mineral water. For example, the composition must be determined exactly, and there must indeed be enough minerals in it to have a healthy effect. On that basis, you would expect that you are indeed making a healthy choice by choosing this.

  1. Unfortunately, mineral water has one big problem: sometimes it contains too many minerals! Because nothing may be changed in the composition, the quantity cannot be controlled. That means that it sometimes contains an unhealthy amount of sodium. One Slovenian brand, Rogaska, even contained 1070 mg of magnesium per liter - while the recommended daily maximum is 300 mg.

  1. If you choose mineral water, check the label carefully. If it contains more than 0.15 g of sodium per 100 ml, it is simply too salty.

Spring water

  1. Spring water is very similar to mineral water, but the requirements are less strict. For example, mineral water must be bottled directly at the source, while spring water may also be transported first. Spring water may also be processed further, which reduces the risk of extremely high concentrations of minerals.

  1. An important point to keep in mind: spring water is often extracted from exactly the same sources as our tap water. For example, in households near Utrecht, Bar le Duc simply flows from the tap. In such a case, bottled mineral water adds very little more.

Tap water

  1. Which brings us to tap water. Many people think this is the least healthy option among the types of water - and the opposite appears to be the case. Tap water in the Netherlands is of exceptionally high quality. In fact, the requirements for tap water here are higher than the European requirements for spring and mineral water!

  1. It is sometimes thought that â € ˜hardâ € ™ tap water is bad for you. That is not the case either. This type of tap water contains a little more lime, but your body can often use that well. At most, it will destroy your devices faster due to limescale build-up.

Purified water

  1. Then we finally have â € purified waterâ € ™. This comes in different shapes and sizes. In particular, there are quite a few brands that offer so-called purification cabinets or other installations. This could remove unhealthy substances from your tap water.

  1. That sounds nice, until you realize that the mentioned unhealthy substances are not in that tap water at all. â € waterPurified waterâ € ™ is usually talk of companies that mainly try to make money. Abroad, where the tap water is often less pure, it may very well benefit you. In the Netherlands it is a waste of money.

So, what are the healthiest types of water?

  1. All in all, there is very little difference between all the types of water you can get in the Netherlands. Mineral water and spring water are in any case no healthier than tap water; at most they have some extra disadvantages. However, if you pay a little attention to that salt, you will also be fine with bottles.

  1. Does it really matter? Well, a bit: perhaps the biggest advantage of tap water is the price. You can drink enough of it all year round for about 1 euro, if you calculate one and a half liters per day. If you choose water from a bottle, it can go up to 500 euros.

  1. Moreover, all that plastic is also a lot worse for the environment! Tap water is therefore - at least in the Netherlands - by far the most convenient option.

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