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Why cinnamon is so incredibly healthy!

  1. Almost everyone likes cinnamon: after all, the spice gives a wonderfully warm taste to all kinds of dishes, from apple pie to rice porridge. What is less known, however, is that cinnamon is also very healthy. From bladder infections to colds - you can soothe a wide variety of ailments with it. In today's blog we will tell you all about it, so that from now on you will also know how you can improve your health with cinnamon!

What is cinnamon?

  1. You probably have a jar of cinnamon in your cupboard somewhere â € “but do you know where that exactly comes from? The spice is actually the inner bark of the shoots of a particular tree commonly referred to simply as the cinnamon tree. There are many varieties, but the best known are Ceylon cinnamon and Cassia; the powder you buy at the supermarket is usually a combination of these two types.

  1. In principle, it makes little difference which kind you use, unless you really eat a lot of it: rather go for Ceylon cinnamon. It contains much less coumarin, a substance that can be dangerous in large quantities.

Cinnamon healthy

  1. We already mentioned that cinnamon is healthy, and one of the main reasons for this is that it has an anti-inflammatory effect. Inflammation is the cause of all kinds of nasty aches and pains, and for that reason the spice is very widely applicable. In osteoarthritis patients, it can reduce joint pain, and bladder infections are also faster in patients who stir a good spoonful of cinnamon into their food every day.

  1. Even those who have a sore or inflamed throat can relieve this with this special spice: in that case cinnamon tea is the best way to get the active substances in the right place as quickly as possible. .

Cinnamon and blood sugar

  1. Another huge benefit of cinnamon is that it has a positive effect on blood sugar. When eating, it ensures that the amount of blood sugar spikes less, so that your body produces less insulin. In the long run, this will help you lose weight: you will also store less fat this way.

  1. Finally, it appears that the spice decreases the amount of bad cholesterol in your body, which also ultimately keeps your heart and blood vessels in better shape.

Other benefits of cinnamon

  1. And the list of benefits doesn't end there! For example, recent research strongly suggests that cinnamon improves memory, thanks in part to the minerals magnesium, manganese and iron that stimulate general cognitive ability. Also useful: gargling with some cinnamon water daily will make your breath much fresher, because cinnamon has an antibacterial effect in your mouth.

  1. And do you suffer from cold hands and feet? Then cinnamon can certainly have a warming effect for your entire body in winter - delicious with a bowl of apple sauce or even in a cup of hot chocolate.

Honey and cinnamon

  1. So you could say that this spice is a real superfood - but miraculously, it is even healthier in combination with honey. The substances in both foods mutually enhance the medicinal properties for many of the benefits described above, making one plus one suddenly three!

  1. You can use this combination in many ways: make your favorite tea with a spoonful of honey and a good pinch of cinnamon, sweeten your oatmeal with it, or even stir it into your yogurt. This is how you make the most of the health benefits that cinnamon has to offer!

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