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Why red pepper is so healthy!

  1. Do you love pedis (spicy) food? Do you enjoy a spicy snack intensely? That could be due to the lucky dust that is released when you sink your teeth into a dish with red pepper. Red pepper is also very healthy, because it is packed with vitamins and minerals.

  1. It could also contribute to weight loss. Various reasons, therefore, to use red pepper in your dishes more often. How come red pepper is so healthy? You can read why in this blog post!

What is red pepper?

  1. Red pepper, also known as Spanish pepper, is a collective name for various elongated chili peppers. Besides the red ones, there are also green, yellow, orange and even white peppers. The green variety is actually a red pepper that is still ripening. The mild version of pepper is paprika and one of the sharpest varieties is the Madame Jeanette; this one is a little smaller and thicker, but extremely sharp!

Why is red pepper healthy?

  1. One red pepper contains an enormous amount of healthy substances. This includes:

  1. In addition, red peppers are rich in capsaicin, the substance that is responsible for making peppers so spicy. Capsaicin has several health benefits. It is not for nothing that this substance is also used in throat lozenges and certain medicines for pain and itching.

  1. Capsaicin has an antibacterial effect: it has an analgesic effect, relieves itching and ensures that you don't catch a cold as quickly. Eating red peppers also releases endorphins; the substance that creates a feeling of happiness. That's why spicy food makes some people so happy!

Losing weight with red pepper

  1. Some messages sound too good to be true - and they usually are - but red pepper may make a small contribution to weight loss. Do not expect miracles from this, but to support your diet it certainly does not hurt to use it in your dishes. This has to do with a number of factors:

Other reasons why red pepper is so healthy

  1. In addition to the previously mentioned reasons why red pepper is so healthy, more positive health effects are attributed to red peppers. For example, eating red peppers strengthens the immune system, due to the high concentration of minerals. According to research, red pepper could also play a role in the prevention of various cancers because of the capsaicin present

  1. And people with inflammation of their intestines, such as Crohn's disease, would benefit from eating red pepper because it would relieve pain. If it concerns a bacterial infection of the intestines, red pepper helps with its antibacterial effect.

How can you eat red pepper more often?

  1. The chance that you will take a red pepper from the vegetable drawer to eat from the hand is very small. Still, it is healthy to eat it more often. But how do you do that? A few tips :

Help! I'm on fire!

  1. Finally, a little tip, if you've eaten too much red pepper and feel like your mouth is on fire. In this case, water hardly extinguishes. Capsaicin is sparingly soluble in water. In contrast, the substance is easily soluble in fat. So take a sip of milk or bite of yogurt to extinguish the fire from too much red pepper; that helps!

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