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Why the "Bic Mac" the "Wopper" are addictive?

  1. There are several reasons why fast food is addictive, in this article I am mainly talking about the 2 largest fast food chains in the world that sell the famous "Bic Mac" the "Whopper"! I have written an article before about the effect of juck food on our health, but never before have I written an article about why these 2 fast food restaurants have an addictive effect.

Fast food is cheaper

  1. I haven't been at the Mc for ages. Donalds or the BK, but in the period of the "euro bangers" there might even be weekly. One of the reasons why eating fast food is so addictive is because fast food is much cheaper than healthy food.

  1. Think about this for yourself ...

  1. The "euro bangers" gave you the opportunity to buy a hamburger for €1, -! Do the math ... Can you prepare a healthy meal for €1? It is of course the case that a hamburger is of course not a complete meal, but you certainly get a full feeling. This also does not mean that you can get all the necessary vitamins etc. from a hamburger.

  1. Have you ever wondered why these big chains can offer burgers so cheaply? Apart from the cost price of the product itself (the hamburger), there are also other costs involved (property, personnel, electricity, etc.)

  1. The beef industry has a huge influence on the government. As a result, they receive a true "special treatment" from the government in the form of a subsidy ...

  1. The subsidy allows Mc. Donalds and the Burger King buy the products cheaper and thereby lower the price of the product without making a loss.

  1. If we think further, we actually pay 2x this "cheap euro bang". The first time directly at the cash desk of the fast food chains and the second time indirectly in the form of taxes that are converted (by the government) into subsidy.

  1. Health is deteriorating in the Netherlands, and yet they continue to receive subsidies!

  1. Hmm, the government is really busy with the "health crisis" in our country. [!MOWPOP id = "128"]

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