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Why the sun is good for you

  1. People are frequently warned through all kinds of media, but also among themselves, about staying in the sun. The sun can be bad for your skin, your skin can burn for a long time in the sun and a lot of sun on your skin can eventually cause skin cancer. This is all true, but there are also plenty of arguments why you should want to stay in the sun with good protection. There are many reasons why the sun is very good for you.

The glorious sun

  1. We cannot ignore the sun from our existence. People, animals and plants cannot live without sun. The sun shines continuously and partly because of the sun life on earth is possible. Depending on how each place on the earth is in relation to the sun, it is day (sunlight) or night. The sun is the largest celestial body in this solar system and the earth fits roughly one million times into the sun. The radius * of the sun is almost twice the distance between the Earth and the Moon.

Bringing in the sun

  1. We sometimes say "bring the sun into your home." Although this is of course not possible in a literal sense, this saying is about the sun's rays that reach the house through the windows and can create a more cheerful mood. The saying goes for having a tidy character, making your home a pleasant living environment and feeling good about it.

The benefits of the sun

  1. You can also learn to look at it differently and not take the busy life as a starting point; the busy life in which so much has to be done. We see this especially with Westerners. Consider it from the point of view that life comes as it does. You can do that, for example, by simply enjoying the sun the moment it appears. What can it mean for you if you - well protected of course - look up to the sun? [! 194001 => 1130 = 472!] Relaxing

  1. To begin with, put that busy life at a slightly slower pace. Every form of heat has a relaxing effect. It not only relaxes muscles, but also relaxes your brain. Just allowing your head to experience the sun for a short while immediately gives you a relaxed feeling. Often fifteen minutes is enough.

Cheerful and full of energy

  1. The more relaxed person is generally happier. In addition, the sun, which lightly stings your skin, feels like a kind of pleasure stimulus. The sun stimulates the reward system in our brain. At the same time, the well-known hormones endorphins and dopamine are produced. We sometimes call this the happy hormones. We also produce vitamin D, which is important for how you feel. In short, the sun makes you happy and gives you energy.

In love and libido

  1. It is sometimes said, but in the meantime it has also been shown that the sun has an effect on falling in love. In men even more than in women, and this has to do with the fact that sunlight has an effect on the testosterone level (and men have that more than women). More of the hormone serotonin is also produced and this in turn boosts your sex drive.


  1. The sun also has an effect on your weight, albeit to a limited extent. This is due to the fact that your body has to "work" more due to the heat to keep the internal air conditioning working. So more blood has to be pumped through the body to get rid of the excess heat. This means your internal combustion is slightly higher.

Blood pressure

  1. Nitric nitrogen enters the blood when you get sunlight. This in turn can have a lowering effect on your blood pressure, which in turn is good for reducing your risk of problems with heart and blood vessels. Normally it has an effect up to one hour after you get out of the sun. However, it is even better to visit the sun at least three times a week, then the effect will last longer.


  1. You wake up earlier with the sun and you are fit in the morning. This has to do with the fact that when the sun is already up (after all, the light comes in through the windows) and you are still in bed, the production of melatonin already decreases. You will then go into a lighter sleep before you wake up.

Sun Facts

  1. The sun is often described and sometimes gives rise to misunderstandings. Some facts that are certain and that can no longer cause misunderstandings:


  1. The sun is nice and the sun brings a lot more than we often realize. Nevertheless, good protection of the skin and head is and remains essential to sustainably spend longer in the sun. Breathable clothing and headgear and of course regular lubrication is best and then you can also accept the benefits of the sun with some responsibility.

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