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Why you should avoid vitamin water!

  1. Nowadays you can no longer walk into a supermarket or kiosk without seeing them. The brightly colored bottles of Vitamin Water that are touted as a conscious way to get some extra vitamins and minerals. Not surprising if you want to try out all those different flavors!

  1. But is that really wise? Unfortunately, Vitamin Water is a lot less responsible than the label would have you believe. In fact, it's actually pretty unhealthy. In this article we will explain exactly why you should not be seduced by those cozy colors.

Synthetic vitamins

  1. Let's start with the main point of Vitamin Water. The vitamins that the drink is named after. Indeed, several vitamins have been added to the drink, but they have a significant drawback. They are not natural, but chemically produced vitamins.

  1. They were therefore not extracted from fruit and vegetables, for example, but assembled in an artificial way in a laboratory. As a result, the water does not contain the countless additives in natural food that ensure that the vitamins can be properly absorbed by the body. So it is of much less use than if you were to just eat an apple or pear.

Useless vitamins and minerals

  1. In addition, Vitamin Water mainly contains vitamins and minerals that most people already get more than enough of through their daily diet. Vitamin C, in particular, is completely useless in large quantities: Because it is water soluble, anything that your body doesn't use just comes out through your urine.

  1. This does not apply to vitamins A and E, but it is suspected that an excess of these substances can actually be harmful. Especially when you get the vitamins in synthetic form and in large quantities. â € If it doesnâ € ™ t help, itâ € ™ s no harmâ € ™ so it certainly does not apply.

6Â lumps of sugar

  1. The manufacturer of Vitamin Water likes to tell you that his drink contains a lot less sugar than regular soft drinks such as Cola. However, this does not mean that Vitamin Water is suddenly a responsible drink. It contains no less than 6 sugar cubes per 500 milliliter bottle.

  1. That means that Vitamin Water, like regular soft drinks, is extremely bad for your teeth, increases the risk of obesity and diabetes, and can even cause heart disease. There are plenty of studies to suggest that chemical sugars significantly increase the risk of various chronic diseases. So it is quite disappointing with the â € ˜healthâ € ™ of this vitamin drink.

I choose consciously?

  1. But why do the bottles have a â € I choose consciouslyâ € ™ logo from the Dutch government? This has to do with the demands placed on â € consciousâ € ™ nutrition. This logo is not about food that is per se healthy in itself, but about products that are healthier than other similar products.

  1. Because Vitamin Water contains slightly more vitamins and slightly less sugar than, for example, Cola, it is relatively responsible within the soft drinks category and therefore receives a stamp. However, that does not mean that it is also good for you, just that it is less bad!

Make your own Vitamin Water

  1. Are you really fond of those tasty fruit flavors and would you like to drink something different than just that boring water? Fortunately, you can also make your own â € Vitamin Waterâ € ™ yourself by simply putting some pieces of fruit or herbs in your bottle of water. Melon, strawberry, lime, but also cucumber, for example, is a delicious way to give that extra bit of flavor. Mint is also a favorite with many people. That way you are healthier and cheaper!

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