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Why you should eat brown beans more often!

  1. Many people in the Netherlands rarely eat brown beans - the poor beans have a boring image and are therefore often overlooked in the supermarket. Completely wrong, unfortunately!

  1. Kidney beans offer many health benefits, especially for vegetarians and people trying to lose weight. We'll give you an overview in this article and give you some inspiration for incorporating beans into your meals.

What are kidney beans?

  1. Everyone knows what kidney beans look like, but many people still count them as vegetables. That's not quite right: beans are legumes, just like peas and lentils. This means that beans are actually the seeds of plants in the so-called butterfly flower family.

  1. You can buy brown beans dried or canned; in the latter case you can use them directly in your meal, in the former case it is important that you let them soak for a few hours before you continue to work with them. [! 130078 => 1130 = 4!] Fiber and weight loss

  1. Kidney beans are incredibly rich in fiber: they contain no less than 6.8 grams of fiber per hundred grams, compared to 6 and 3 grams respectively with wholemeal bread and brown rice. Fiber is very important for intestinal health; many people in the Netherlands get far too little of it.

  1. In addition, they make you feel full for a long time after you eat. Beans are therefore also very suitable for people who want to lose weight: they do not quickly get hungry again, while beans contain relatively few calories and are very high in protein.

Meat substitutes

  1. Legumes in general are often very good meat substitutes, and kidney beans are no exception. They contain, for example, calcium and iron, minerals that most people get mainly from meat. In addition, they are relatively rich in protein: they contain no less than 7.6 grams of protein per 100 grams. Various B vitamins are also represented.

  1. Vegetarians and vegans would therefore be wise to regularly eat a portion of kidney beans (preferably alternated with other legumes, so that all the different health benefits can be seen).

Heart disease and cancer

  1. Kidney beans can help keep your cholesterol levels healthy so that you have more of the healthy HDL cholesterol and less of the unhealthy LDL variety. This significantly reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease, one of the most common causes of death in the Western world.

  1. Because certain substances in kidney beans have an anti-inflammatory effect, you also reduce inflammation at the cellular level. They are mentioned as an important factor in the development of cancer! Finally, thanks to the large amount of fiber, beans are also suitable for diabetics, as this prevents the blood sugar level from rising too quickly. So these legumes will certainly benefit general health.

Recipes with kidney beans

  1. Many people cannot come up with very original dishes with kidney beans â € “chili con carne and wraps are often the only commonly chosen option. However, brown beans are much more useful than just Mexican food. For example, you can put them in the salad to make it extra filling and high in protein, or make a delicious meal soup.

  1. Also have a look around what other cuisines do with legumes - you can use the beans in Surinamese or Asian dishes, for example. This quickly makes it easier to get enough of these super healthy legumes!

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