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6 reasons why drinking lots of water is so healthy!

  1. In addition to an adjusted diet, drinking water is essential to feel healthy and fit. In addition to proteins, carbohydrates and fats, we consider water to be a fourth macronutrient. It should be the basis of your fluid intake.

  1. But why? What makes this clear stuff so special? That is why we have listed them for you: 6 reasons why drinking plenty of water is essential for a healthy body.

1. Optimal functioning of your organs

  1. Our body consists mainly of water: an average of 70 to 75%. Some of that water is in our blood. The other part is needed for the functioning of our organs, including your brain, heart, lungs, muscles, liver and your bones. A shortage of water means that you have to compromise on the functioning of these organs. Sin!

2. Drinking water gives energy

  1. Water is indispensable as fuel for your body. Without food, we as humans can survive for a while. Without water, on the other hand, you can survive no more than 4 days! A dehydration of â € butâ € ™ 2% can cause energy loss of up to 20%.

  1. Ideally, we consume 3 liters of water every day through food and drink. A good guideline is to drink a glass of water at room temperature at least every hour during the day. Aim for a consumption of at least 2 liters per day.

3. Keep it flowing!

  1. If you drink enough your blood is thin enough to flow properly. And the better it flows, the better your body is able to transport nutrients and waste products. The thicker or more fluid your blood, the more difficult it is to supply and remove these substances.

  1. Complaints that you may get in this context are fatigue, headaches and a feeling of “not being clear”. For a good start to the day, drink a few glasses of water immediately upon getting up. Bet you get going faster?

4. Detox using water

  1. Above we wrote that water is responsible for the transport of nutrients and waste products. The group of waste also includes the so-called â € toxicâ € ™ substances. These are foreign substances that naturally do not contribute to good health. Your body would rather lose them than get rich.

  1. Think heavy metals, pesticides, nicotine and alcohol. Drinking enough water helps to get rid of these toxins and cleanse your body. There is no simpler and cheaper detox plan!

5. Prevent acidification

  1. Water is a very neutral substance that helps to prevent acidification. Your body strives for a good balance between acids and â € basesâ € ™ (non-acids). The acidity - also expressed as a pH value - is different for different parts of your body. For example, your stomach is a lot more â € ˜acidâ € ™ than your intestines or your blood. [! 179884 => 1140 = 10!] Your body naturally wants to keep the pH values ​​as stable as possible. Water, vegetables and fruit help with this, partly due to the presence of non-acidifying minerals such as calcium, magnesium, potassium and sodium.

6. Drink water instead of soft drinks

  1. The range of soft drinks is huge! Many shelves are still being filled in the supermarket. Besides the fact that soft drinks contain many hidden sugars and synthetic sweeteners, they are full of phosphorus; a mineral with a strong acidifying effect. It's not without reason that you can make rusted nails shine like new again with cola!

  1. Almost nobody is naturally deficient in phosphorus. Rather, there is too much, with acidification (see above) as a result. In addition, phosphorus hinders the action of other minerals.

  1. A good reason to keep soda to a minimum and instead go for a healthy thirst quencher in the form of water. With some lemon, mint, cucumber or a raspberry you can quickly and easily give it a tasty twist.

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