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All About Coke And What It Does To Your Body

  1. Many people have heard that Cola and other carbonated soft drinks are very bad for you. However, there are also a lot of falsehoods when it comes to drinking cola. Some people have heard that it gives you cancer, Alzheimer's disease, and that if you leave a steak in cola for two days, it leaves nothing. None of this is true, at least not proven.

  1. However, that doesn't mean drinking cola is healthy for you.

What's in Coke?

  1. What you may not know is that this soft drink is still flavored with coca leaf extract, albeit now, after the cocaine has been extracted from these leaves. Of course we know that the best known Coke has a secret formula, but what are the other basic ingredients in Coke in general and what do they do?

  1. The purpose of the carbonated water and sugar is clear, but what you may not know is that the caramel not only acts as a coloring agent, but is also an important flavoring agent. The only reason you might know this is if you've ever heard of â € ˜Clear Coke, â € ™ a clear cola with no dyes in it and which was a huge flop in America.

  1. Caramel is a soluble colorant produced by the thermal treatment of carbohydrates. The golden or brown liquid retains a bitter taste and odor reminiscent of burnt sugar. The caffeine in cola is a stimulant, but also contributes to the cola's characteristic bitter taste.

What does Cola do to our body?

  1. The main problem with cola and other soft drinks is sugar or nowadays the high fructose corn syrup. This is an ingredient that the food industry prefers to tell people about as little as possible. High fructose corn syrup is thought to have fueled the obesity epidemic of the last decades.

When someone drinks cola (and remember, this applies to most soft drinks) the following happens in our body:

  1. There you have it, many different problems in a bottle or can. Imagine drinking this every day, week in and week out. That is why I always recommend drinking plain water, real juice from freshly squeezed fruit and green tea without sweetener.

What will happen in the longer term?

  1. There are plenty of reasons to fear the long-lasting effects of cola consumption. Drinking a bottle of Coke a few times a week is unlikely to be a bad thing, especially if you make sure you get enough exercise to burn those extra calories. However, there are people who drink cola every day, preferably with every meal and in between. What can you expect?

  1. Reasons not to drink cola or other soft drinks

  1. It should now be clear that drinking cola causes many problems. However, since we know that some people just want the facts, I have a lot of reasons below to ditch the soda next time.

  1. Do you have additional information about soft drinks and your health? Let me know by leaving a comment below!


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