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All about lip smackers

  1. Lipsmackers originated in the 1970s and are now back with a vengeance. They are now offered in countless variants. But what exactly are these tasty lip glosses and how do you get them?

The first lip smacker

  1. The first lip smackers were made by cosmetics company Bonne Bell. This company was founded in 1927. Almost 50 years later, in 1973, the first lip smacker was introduced. This was strawberry flavored. It turned out to be a great success, and soon more flavors were introduced. Later they also partnered with large companies such as Coca Cola and 7Up. There were also additional products, such as nail polish or lip balms, and special editions were released, for example around Christmas.

What types are there?

  1. Lipsmackers are nowadays available in all kinds of colors, flavors, and sizes. Moreover, there are all kinds of extra products available such as lip balms or eyeshadow. Below is an overview of these products. They are divided by category for many different flavors.

The original lip smacker

  1. The standard version. This most closely resembles the well-known lip gloss Labello, but with a flavor. These come in the following flavors:


  1. Strawberry Cherries Raspberry Watermelon Mango Kiwi Guava Pineapple Coconut Papaya Banana Passion fruit


  1. Raspberry / Melon Berry / Peach Strawberry / Banana Strawberry / Kiwi

Other flavors

  1. Cotton candy Chewing gum 'Cookie Dough' coconut cake Strawberry cheesecake Chocolate mousse Red Lemonade Strawberry cream Raspberry yogurt Mixed berry yogurt Vanilla

Special flavors

  1. Dr. Pepper 7Up 'Root beer' Starburst (different variants) Skittles (different variants) M M's

Liquid lip smackers

  1. The lip smackers in a liquid version, for a soft shine on your lips. Also contains vitamin E and aloe vera for better lip care. In the flavors:


  1. Peach Tropical fruits Raspberry Strawberry Watermelon


  1. Strawberry / Grapefruit Strawberry / Kiwi Raspberry / Berries

Other flavors

  1. Vanilla Pina Colada Chewing gum Candyfloss Red Lemonade Sugar crystals

Special flavors

  1. Dr. Pepper

Lipsmackers with SPF 24 (Sun Protection Factor)

  1. These are similar to the standard lip smackers, but with sun protection. In the flavors:

Squeezy lip smackers

  1. These come in a tube! In the flavors:

Lipsmacker Shimmers

  1. These can also be compared to the original version, only these have added shimmers, for extra sparkling lips!

Rolly Lipsmacker

  1. This can be compared to the Liquid Lipsmacker, but instead of an applicator it has a roller function.

Biggy Lipsmackers

  1. These are exactly the same as the original lip smackers ... only bigger! They are over 4 times larger than the originals and are available in:

Other types of lip smackers

  1. These are perhaps the best known species, but there are more. There are special lip smackers with ice cream flavors, liquid smackers with a color, but also whole series of lip smackers from, for example, Paul Frank, Skittles, M M, or Dr. Pepper. In addition, the range can vary and there are several providers, so that some flavors may be (temporarily) unavailable, or new flavors may be added.

Other products

  1. The same manufacturer now also offers other products. They have eyeshadows with seductive names like 'Pool Party Blues' or 'Fresh Picked Pinks'. And they have Body Sprays, in the scents “Tropical Bliss”, “Fresh Blossom” and “Sweet Strawberry”.

Where to buy?

  1. In the Netherlands, lip smackers are mainly available online. Sometimes they are also for sale at drugstores or the Claire's. Sites to order are, for example, or These sites each have their own offer.

  2. In the Netherlands, lip smackers are mainly available online. Sometimes they are also for sale at drugstores or the Claire's. Sites to order are, for example, or These sites each have hu

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