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All the benefits of drinking water

  1. Water is the healthiest thing you can drink. There are no calories in water and that is why it is very healthy, this is well known. It cleanses your body and helps get your organs up and running in the morning. But what other benefits does water actually have?

Water in the morning

  1. Water in the morning has several benefits, including:

Balances your lymph system

  1. Drinking water balances your lymph system. Water literally rinses the wrong substances from your body, this reduces the chances of infections. This will help you in all your daily activities. You will feel fresh and healthy and your body will be in balance.

Healthy skin

  1. As mentioned above, you cleanse your body by drinking water. You will also see this in your skin. All toxins will be out of your body and your skin will glow again.

​​Helps you lose weight

  1. ​​Drinking water will make you full, but most importantly, your metabolism will start working faster. This will help you burn more calories. An adult who drinks eight glasses of water has a 25% increase in metabolism compared to an adult who drinks four glasses of water.

Production of new blood and muscle cells

  1. The production of new blood and muscle cells will accelerate and increase. More muscle mass will burn more calories at rest.

Absorbing nutrients

  1. When you drink a glass of water on an empty stomach, you cleanse your stomach. It cleans the wall of your stomach so that you can absorb nutrients better, making your body better able to digest your food.

Starting up your organs

  1. Because you drink water as soon as you wake up, you will give your organs a big boost. Your organs will start working right away because they have to digest the water. This also means that your metabolism will start working, so you will burn calories.

Other drinking times for drinking water

  1. Before meals Drinking a glass of water before eating will make you feel fuller. Your stomach cannot distinguish between food and drink! So if you are fuller you will stop eating sooner. This means taking in fewer calories! A glass of water will also help digest your food faster. A win-win situation.

For a bath

  1. Having a glass of water before taking a bath will lower your blood pressure.

Before going to sleep

  1. If you drink a glass of water before going to sleep, you will be less likely to suffer from heart failure, heart attacks and puffiness. Nice bonus!

Other benefits

  1. Quit smoking Drinking plenty of water also helps if you want to quit smoking. As mentioned before, water will flush out all toxins, including nicotine, from your body. Because there is less nicotine in your body, you are less likely to smoke.

Against a hangover

  1. Drinking water is good for a hangover! Do you have a headache after a night out? Drink plenty of water the day after. Drinking two glasses of water before going to sleep is also a panacea for a hangover. Alcohol removes moisture from your body. Also from your brain, which is why you will usually experience a headache the day after. Water will help replenish your fluid deficiency and flush the alcohol out of your body.


  1. In short, water is super healthy. Water is essential for a healthy lifestyle. Try to drink 2-3 liters of water every day. As mentioned above, you benefit a lot from it. So what are you waiting for? If you don't drink calories, drink water and then you also benefit from all the additional extras.

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