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Beautiful teeth with cosmetic or aesthetic dentistry

  1. Cosmetic or aesthetic dentistry is a real trend. Everyone wants healthy and beautifully regular teeth. And preferably a radiant smile that shows snow-white teeth. As you get older, anything can go wrong. Fillings do not always provide the desired result and you are often stuck with a brace treatment for years. Then cosmetic or aesthetic dentistry offers a solution.

Cosmetically beautiful teeth

  1. Cosmetic or aesthetic dentistry Top 5 procedures in cosmetic dentistry Implants Crowns Bridges Facings or veneers Teeth whitening prices

Cosmetic or aesthetic dentistry

  1. With the current state of dentistry, just about everything related to teeth is replaceable. Our teeth consist of a crown part (that which is visible), the neck (just below the gums) and the roots, which are located in the jawbone. If something happens to these parts, they can be made (restored) or replaced in various ways.

Top 5 surgeries in cosmetic dentistry

  1. What is most commonly done in the mouth to get beautiful teeth, without braces:


  1. An implant is an artificial root of metal (titanium) or ceramic material that is used when one or more teeth have been lost and must be replaced. A crown or overdenture is then placed on the implants. You click this prosthesis onto the implant, as it were. This provides more grip than (loose) dentures.


  1. An implant with a crown costs at least 2,000 Euro and can cost up to 4,000 to 5,000 Euro, depending on the location and whether bone (augmentation) or gum (soft tissue conditioning) needs to be added.


  1. A crown is a cap made of metal (sometimes gold), metal and porcelain or just porcelain. Today zirconium (cubic zirconia) is often used. This is very resistant to breakage and is excellent for cosmetic purposes. Dentists with a Cerec scanner in their practice can supply their patients with a crown made of this very strong material within 1.5 hours. The cap is then glued to the tooth or molar, after making room for it with the drill. These adhesives can hold crowns for up to 20 years and longer.


  1. Price of a crown starts from around 400 Euro with technique costs, but can increase due to the use of the material (gold is much more expensive in weight).


  1. A bridge is in fact a multi-part crown, where lost teeth and molars can be covered with a dummy. This way they still seem to be present in the mouth. This one is also often made of zirconium (with baked porcelain) and can last a very long time. However, the bigger the bridge, the more vulnerable it is.


  1. The costs of a bridge start from approximately 1,200 Euro, including technical costs.

Facings of veneers

  1. Facings or veneers are porcelain shields (also possible from zirconium) that are applied to the own teeth. This allows you to change the shape, position and color of the tooth. The thickness of the facing per tooth can influence the position of the teeth. Mainly used on front teeth. For example, you can sometimes put a tooth straight in the arch without using a bracket.


  1. Prices start at 450 Euro per facing made of porcelain, of composite (dental filling material) approx. 100 Euro. The disadvantage of composite is that it discolors faster and breaks more easily. But that is easy to fix.

Teeth bleaching prices

  1. If you are dissatisfied with the color of the teeth, you can have them bleached. This is done with a special gel (Opalescence), which contains hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. This is applied to the teeth and activated with a special plasma lamp. The optimal color is reached after an hour. This will last for two to three years. Are you unsure whether bleaching is safe? Then read the article about teeth whitening.

Bleaching at home

  1. Bleaching at home is already possible from a few tens. At the dentist or clinic it usually costs a few hundred euros. Laser treatment is also possible, so it is a lot more expensive (and also more sensitive). Count on at least 400 Euro. It is recommended not to experiment with whitening gels at home, to avoid damage to your teeth.

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