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Chai tea, a powerful herbal tea

  1. Chai tea is a tea from India that contains various spices in addition to tea herbs. Finished with milk, it is therefore not just any tea. Chai tea, with its spices and tea herbs, is a powerful herbal tea that has various health benefits and may even improve your mood.

What is chai tea

  1. Chai tea is actually double. The tea comes from India where the word "chai" means tea. However, in the western world, chai is known as chai tea. Another name is masala chai, which means mixed spice tea. This is what chai tea is, a mix of spices.

Tea Herbs

  1. Different tea herbs can be used with chai tea. The most common is black tea. But green tea is also used. The type of tea not only makes chai tea taste different, but also ensures that the caffeine content is different. Black tea contains more caffeine.


  1. There are recipes that only use ginger and green cardamom. But most chai tea recipes use more than just these two. Often cinnamon, fennel seeds, pepper and cloves are also added. Other ingredients that can be used are nutmeg, rose and licorice root.


  1. Traditionally buffalo milk is used in India. The milk is often obtained from the buffalo on the day itself. In the West, whole cow's milk is used.


  1. White sugar, Demerara sugar, other brown sugar, palm or coconut sugar, syrup or honey can be used as sweetener. However, many people nowadays no longer use sweetener because too much sugar is not beneficial for health. Others prefer to use a sweetener because it enhances the flavor of the spices.

Is chai tea healthy?

  1. Benefits for the skin When black tea is used as a base, there is good news, because this tea contains many antioxidants that are good for the skin. These antioxidants help to protect the skin against, for example, solar radiation. The antioxidants ensure that the skin retains its natural vibrancy and elasticity. This helps to prevent wrinkles.

Preventing diabetes

  1. Drinking chai tea with cinnamon as a spice can help prevent diabetes. Cinnamon helps to regulate blood sugar. However, this is not permanent, so continuing to drink chai tea may benefit from diabetes prevention.

Better digestion

  1. When you have trouble digesting food, drinking chai tea can help. Chai tea helps to process food better and to speed up the metabolism. When you consume too many carbohydrates you can get bloated. Chai tea will eliminate these symptoms.

Chai tea is good for your mood

  1. Chai tea can positively change your mood with its spices and healthy dose of caffeine. The following have been linked to chai tea:

Creative humor

  1. Whenever you need inspiration or creativity, chai tea is a good place to start. With the good spices you are provided for a good dose of creativity. For the perfect creativity session, make sure the tea is within reach.

Energetic mood

  1. Chai tea contains a healthy amount of caffeine, making it a good means for an energetic mood. It has less caffeine than coffee, but enough to give yourself a boost.

Productive mood

  1. If black tea is your base, you can also get a productive mood. Black tea is known as a tea that gives you a productive mindset.

  2. If black tea is your base, you can get a productive mood too. Black tea is known as a tea that gives you a productive mindset.

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