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Electric smoking, something for you?

  1. Electric smoking is a very healthy alternative to smoking cigarettes. What is it, and what should you pay attention to?

Who is electric smoking for?

  1. Maybe you have already tried everything to be able to quit smoking. The most conventional ways to quit are:

What are the benefits of electric smoking?

  1. To understand the benefits of electric smoking, we must first look at how the system works. When you take a hit from an electric cigarette, a certain liquid is vaporized, which you then smoke and exhale. This smoke is water vapor and therefore does not smell. A smoker is addicted to nicotine, and the electric cigarette replaces it. You can choose different liquids that are vaporized for your electric cigarette, this liquid is called e-liquid, which I will come back to later. Because you breathe in water vapor from a liquid and there is no combustion, there are many benefits associated with electric smoking.

A thousand times healthier

  1. With the electric cigarette you can continue to smoke and meet your nicotine needs, without all the harmful substances that come with smoking. Because there is no combustion, you do not have to deal with hazardous substances such as tar and carbon monoxide. The phrase a thousand times healthier is not metaphorical. Considering the substances that are released when smoking a normal cigarette compared to an electric cigarette, smoking a normal cigarette consumes a thousand more harmful substances.

​​Electric smoking is cheaper

  1. ​​Electric smoking is significantly cheaper than smoking normal cigarettes or rolling tobacco. You can get an electric cigarette for twenty euros, and refills ('e-liquids') from three euros. With such a bottle of e-liquids you will last about two weeks, depending on the user.

There is no combustion

  1. One of the most harmful aspects of smoking a normal cigarette is that combustion takes place and you inhale very dangerous substances. When smoking an electric cigarette there is no combustion whatsoever, only evaporation.

You don't have to deal with the social smoking inconveniences

  1. The vapor you exhale from your electric cigarette is completely odorless. This way you don't stink of cigarette smoke. Another big advantage is that you can smoke with an electric cigarette where you can't with normal cigarettes. It is better to ask first at places like airports and the like, because some models of electric cigarettes are hardly distinguishable from real ones!

What is an electronic cigarette?

  1. An electronic cigarette is a device with which you smoke electronically. They come in many shapes, sizes and prices, so there's always one for you. There are even electronic cigarettes that are barely distinguishable from a real cigarette. The electronic cigarette consists of a few parts. Imagine a traditional cigarette. The white part that contains the tobacco is the battery of the electronic cigarette. The filter contains the evaporation element as well as the tank with liquid that you evaporate. This can of course differ per model, but the above forms the basis of the electric cigarette.

Different systems

  1. Roughly two systems can be distinguished on the electronic cigarette market. This relates to how the electric cigarette makes its vapor. The two systems are the atomizer and the cartomizer.


  1. The cartomizer is designed as a filter and contains a cartridge with the liquid that is evaporated. These cartridges are for single use, if they are used up you have to throw them away. A cartomizer has a built-in heating element in the filter which makes the water vapor, this heating element is (confusingly enough) called an atomizer.


  1. If you have an electric cigarette with an atomizer system then the heating element is reusable and you do not throw it away after use, as with the cartomizer. This atomizer has a refillable cartridge that you can fill yourself with the e-liquid you want.


  1. Cartomizer has a disposable cartridge with liquid, the atomizer has a cartridge that you can refill Atomizers often cost more than cartomizers Atomizers have better smoke and flavor than cartomizers Both need to be replaced sometime, only the cartomizer faster With an atomizers you can mix e-liquids to make your own taste


  1. The liquids you put in your electric cigarette are called e-liquids. You can stay close to your trusted cigarette brand by choosing a liquid that tastes like that brand. Yet the choice does not end there. First of all, you choose the strength. You can choose different nicotine strengths when filling your e-cigarette.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Is it really the same as smoking? No, but it is very close. In addition to meeting your nicotine need, the psychological need is also met because the act of smoking is exactly the same. That, but without the harmful substances and without the social inconveniences of smoking.

How's the smoke?

  1. When you take a hit on an electric cigarette, inhale and exhale just as much smoke as you would with a normal cigarette. This used to be one of the biggest pain points when the electric cigarette was just on the market, the smoke development was just very bad. The smoke is odorless and disappears faster than cigarette smoke, so it does not linger in the room. A difference with lifting a normal cigarette is that you have to lift about two seconds longer.

Will I notice improvement in my condition?

  1. Yes. Users of e-cigarettes notice that their condition is recovering and, for example, they no longer become breathless from climbing stairs, as was the case before.

Does smoking with an electric cigarette affect my sense of smell and taste?

  1. No. Smoking normal cigarettes deprives you of a lot of smell and taste, but this will recover after switching to the electric cigarette for a while. How long this takes depends on how many years you have been smoking.

How does the electronic cigarette help me to quit smoking?

  1. The electric cigarette helps you to quit smoking in several ways. The best technique is to gradually decrease the amount of nicotine in your e-liquid, until you switch to nicotine-free e-liquid at some point.

Other questions?

  1. Feel free to ask them in the comment box below, I'll be happy to answer them.

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