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Group classes in the gym: the pros and cons!

  1. Group lessons are often the big crowd puller in gyms. Hour after hour, clubs of athletes work up a sweat on carefully thought-out workouts, accompanied by good music. In fact, for many people their entire exercise routine consists of such classes.

  1. But how well do all those choreographies really work if you want to become fitter and slimmer? That depends a bit on your personal circumstances and goals. In this article we list the advantages and disadvantages of group lessons!

Advantages of group lessons

  1. Group lessons are of course so popular. Below we first list the four most important advantages.

  1. Always having trouble dragging yourself back to the gym? If you always exercise with other people, you have an extra incentive to go anyway. After all, people will wonder where you are if you don't show up. And you don't want to disappoint your sports buddies…

  1. Once in the gym, motivation doesn't always come naturally. Do you know about yourself that once you start working out, you start to rush off? Do you struggle to really push yourself to the limit? Even then group lessons can be a solution. A good instructor and the exciting music will help you to motivate yourself.

  1. Another advantage: with group lessons everything has already been thought out for you. So you don't have to put together a training schedule yourself (and keep varying it). Instead, you can calmly stick to the standard routine. That also lowers the threshold to stay active in sports.

  1. Finally, more repetitions are made in group lessons than in individual training. All of this is also happening at a brisk pace. Those two factors together ensure that your stamina increases considerably.

Disadvantages of group lessons

  1. However, that does not mean that there are no disadvantages at all with this way of exercising. The three main problems:

  1. In theory, the instructor ensures that everyone uses the correct technique during a group lesson. In practice, however, he or she can hardly keep an eye on thirty men at a time… The result is that many people train with a suboptimal technique. This not only worsens the results, it can also lead to injuries.

  1. In addition, very little progressive overload is done in group lessons. Les Mills, for example, releases new choreographies every three months. That is simply not enough to maintain a strong training stimulus. Group lessons are therefore not the ideal option for strength gain.

  1. And finally group lessons are made for â € ˜the average athleteâ € ™, not for you personally. That means they will never be fully suited to your goals and needs. That too ensures that you will never achieve such good results as with a schedule that is completely tailored to you.

So: group lessons or not?

  1. The disadvantages of group lessons are all in all quite significant. Of course, that doesn't mean they can never be a good idea! Getting moving is always better than hanging around on the couch. If this is the way to get you to the gym, then be sure to get started.

  1. But make sure to check with your sports acquaintances so that you have a lesson with a good instructor. And is the sports routine in place? Then consider adding an individual workout to your schedule, for example. This way you will quickly improve your results significantly.

  1. Would you rather go for the optimal result with individual strength training? Then of course we are happy to lend a hand. With our blog about strength training for beginners you have a practical and clear step-by-step plan. That way you know exactly what you are getting into!

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