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Healthy sandwich? 10x inspiration to vary every day!

  1. Of course it is best to slide in the same cheese or peanut butter sandwich every afternoon. As long as you don't opt ​​for sugary and unhealthy toppings, there isn't much wrong with that in itself. The only disadvantage?

  1. It is a shame if you vary little, because variation ensures that you get enough of all the nutrients. Moreover, bread can be made healthier! In today's article we give you ten tips for an extra healthy sandwich. That will get you through that working day or school day!

1. Choose the right bread

  1. Seems obvious, but it is still an essential first step! There is not much healthy to do with a soggy white sandwich. Most importantly, go for whole grain bread. That can be plain wheat bread (unless you can't tolerate wheat, of course), as long as it's made from whole wheat flour.

  1. Whole grain bread contains a lot more fiber, which makes it a lot more satiating. In addition, it is richer in, for example, B vitamins, iron and other minerals. Other tasty options to try include sourdough bread or rye bread. They all have their own advantages.

2. Meat for proteins

  1. Do you want to make a protein-rich sandwich? Then meat is of course an obvious choice as a topping. However, it is also important to make a healthy choice here.

  1. Processed meats are strongly discouraged. Consider, for example, salami or luncheon meat. Salt and sometimes sugar are added to such products, just like other additives that are of no use to you. You prefer unprocessed lean meats. A few good examples:

3. Vary with cheese

  1. Another easy protein source is cheese. The Dutch are cheese heads for a reason: we all eat quite a few kilos through them every year. What is striking, however, is that we mainly go for the â € standardâ € ™ slices of cheese in the supermarket. And that while there are so many other possibilities! A number of cheeses that you can use on a healthy sandwich are for example:

4. Egg on bread

  1. Eggs are very healthy: they not only provide a lot of protein, but also a lot of vitamins and minerals. Moreover, they are infinitely versatile, also on bread. A few ways to eat an egg on your sandwich:

5. Vegetable proteins

  1. Until now we have only talked about animal proteins, but that is certainly not the only option. You can also invest in a protein-rich sandwich with vegetable ingredients. In fact, it is recommended that you do this occasionally.

  1. Too many animal proteins (and especially animal fats) are associated with all kinds of diseases and conditions. Moreover, vegetable is often better for the environment. So keep it varied and choose options such as:

6. Healthy Fats on Bread

  1. Not only proteins are important. You also want to make sure you get enough healthy fats throughout the day. Do you have difficulty with that? Then the following options can help you:

7. Add vegetables

  1. Whatever you choose as the basis for your sandwich spread, you can actually always make it healthier by adding vegetables. If you do that consistently, you will receive a lot of extra vitamins and minerals! There are plenty of ways to get extra vegetables on your healthy sandwich, such as:

8. Sweet can be healthy

  1. Do you ever feel like a sweet sandwich? Then you don't have to use the sugary chocolate spread right away. There are a lot healthier alternatives to satisfy the sweet tooth:

9. Apple syrup for iron

  1. Another suggestion if you're in the mood for sweetness: apple syrup is pretty healthy for the occasional use. Yes, it does contain a lot of sugars, because it is a concentrated fruit syrup.

  1. On the other hand, it contains a lot of iron. Especially if you don't eat that much meat, it can be a good way to get enough of it. Eat enough fiber to prevent those sugars from causing too high a spike in your blood sugar!

10. Vary and combine!

  1. The best way to invest a healthy sandwich is of course by alternating as much as possible with what you eat. Combine different ingredients and do something different regularly, instead of bringing the same lunch every day.

  1. You can even make a weekly schedule for yourself, so that you don't have to think too long when spreading your bread. That way you effortlessly get what you need, and enjoy a delicious lunch every day!

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